U.S. auto companies, Ford and Volkswagen want to be able to cooperate – for the time being, however, only in the construction of light-duty vehicles. From 2022 on, the two manufacturers want to develop in a first step, a common Transporter-and medium-sized Pick-ups. In addition, VW and Ford want to vehicles a cooperation in Autonomous, mobility services and electric test vehicles. This was announced by Volkswagen group chief Herbert Diess and the Chairman of the Board of Ford, Jim Hackett, on Tuesday at the motor show in Detroit.

Ford chief Hackett said, the Alliance is going to change the industry: “it will allow us to shape the new Era of mobility.” The aim of the cooperation is to save costs and stay competitive. Because according to the assessment of VW chief Diess both of these manufacturers are in the Segment of light commercial vehicles, respectively, to small, to a worldwide role to play. Together, the two companies have sold last year, about 1.2 million light commercial vehicles worldwide. Thus, the Alliance would be according to VW, the industry’s highest-volume, cooperation in the Segment.

With the cooperation of VW and Ford might share the expenditure for research and development, and works better utilization. As an Option for a joint factory VW called chief Diess to the Ford factory in Turkey.

common platform for E-cars is

Also checked, Ford also plans to 2022 – the development and production of larger vans for both companies. These vehicles were therefore determined only for the European market. VW will then in turn bring both partners to a city delivery van on the market.

in addition, both manufacturers are currently in talks about the development of electric cars. Specifically, it’s about how Volkswagen’s electric platform MDBs could be for future models. Also a cooperation in the area of mobility services and Autonomous cars could be used. In order to help the Autonomous Driving to a breakthrough, it need the “right regulatory framework” – “here the US is significantly more than we do in Europe,” says VW’s Diess-in-chief.

the partnership between The two car manufacturers is already planned for a Long time. In Detroit, VW and Ford have announced now, but for the first time, Details on the collaboration.


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