According to allegations in the Federal court against Deutsche Bahn has called for the Opposition in the Bundestag consequences. The Green party parliamentary leader Anton Hofreiter said the group was “an opaque Blackbox and an inefficient apparatus”. Chaotic structures and mismanagement would have to be abolished. Similar claims came from the FDP and the Left.

The Federal court had the state-owned group as well as the Ministry of transport “serious deficiencies” in the financing system are accused of. Upon the receipt of the infrastructure, a lot is going wrong, the Investment backlog to take on the German runway “wear and tear”, – stated in a report to the Budget controllers. “There is a risk that the condition of the rail infrastructure continues to deteriorate- in spite of increasing Federal funding,” said court President Kay Scheller.

“It desperately needs a restart on the Rail, so that every Euro that the Federal government is in the train, arrives at the passengers,” said Hofreiter. “It needs a fundamental Reform, rather than to individual construction sites rumzufrickeln. The fragmented jurisdiction of the chaos of too many small companies dissolved, so that the railway can handle more powerful to your customers.”

The FDP Bundestag deputies Torsten Herbst said the report of the Federal court is alarming. “We urgently need more transparency in the use of tax funds.” In the future, the management of the rail network from the operational business of the DB group should be separated.

Leidig, The railway policy spokeswoman for the left party, Sabine, said, the rail infrastructure subsidiary DB Netz has become in the past few years, the biggest profit earner of the group. “Since this is at the same time, the division, in the most public subsidies to flow, is called for here, necessarily distrust.”

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