Probably you have to imagine, Christian Sewing, chief of the German Bank, in spite of all the turbulence with his employer as a happy people. 30 years after his training in the store Bielefeld the East Westphalian may be the heart firm since last April. From apprentice to master – who can say?

in Addition, he sits firmly in the saddle. Although the Supervisory Board chief Paul Achleitner has worn out many a top Manager, in order to divert attention from the fact that he himself is perhaps the biggest personnel problem for the group. But in the meantime, the last of the shareholder has this Trick figured out, so that Achleitner can’t sacrifice even Sewing.

Moreover, the young boss plays convincing role as the nice guy next door. Sewing is widely perceived as a sympathetic character, one wishes nothing Evil.

Popular, safe in the saddle, on the highest career level – what can a CEO more? Probably like this: a company that is not felt everywhere to come as so as the Deutsche Bank. And as a vision of the future remains almost nothing more than a Notfusion the consumptive Commerzbank.

this Friday Sewing for the first time as Chairman of the Board, an annual balance sheet present. And for the first time after three loss-making years, Deutsche Bank will post again a small profit. This message will not be deceived about the progressive decline during the Bank.

Alone in the past four year, the share price of the Bank has fallen by 65 percent since Sewings took office, the Minus is in the last year to around 30 per cent. On the stock exchange, the whole group is not even 17 billion euros in value. For comparison: The largest U.S. Bank, J. P. Morgan, Deutsche Bank compared the once happy, comes to the equivalent of more than 300 billion euros on the stock exchange.

Deutsche Bank is hopelessly fallen behind their international competitors. Your future may not exist in a More-so.

is the fragility of the Situation, has shown the final quarter of 2018: by the end of November by 170 officers searched in the order of the public Prosecutor’s office and the Federal criminal police office, the Frankfurt group head office, in order to decorate resilient Material in terms of money laundering confiscated. It is still unclear what the outcome of the RAID. However, the business damage has already occurred. Out of uncertainty, or mistrust, or both, investors withdrew in a short time three digit million amount in the case of the German Bank.

Sewing set high goals for yourself

The next danger lurks in the USA, where the Democrats are allowed to route to their success in the Midterm elections now, the Congress committees. So also the eminent of the important Finance Committee. Its Chairman, the militant, Maxine Waters, has already made it clear, in search of the dirty financial secrets of President Donald Trump-whose long-term house Bank, acting is much harder than in the past. You guessed it: Waters, Deutsche Bank says.

Presumably, the Sewing will be on Friday, not much Illuminating to say; to comment on the pending or political Intrigues in the Overseas is too risky. So he will try to convince the Public with a view to the year 2019, the German Bank is in a position to be attractive for investors, even without a Fusion.

Sewing sets high goals for themselves, and thus even under huge pressure. Four per cent return on equity to generate the Deutsche Bank, 2019, in the long term, it will be even ten percent. In the case of equity from the current level of 63 billion Euro, the ambitious objectives that were not achieved for many years. And little suggests that they can be achieved in the future.

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Stuart Graham, the most prestigious and conserve the most Bank Analyst, believes that the Deutsche Bank 2019 covers your costs in the case of 22 billion euros and 26 billion euros of revenue, so sales must generate, to be able to achieve your goals. Because you can’t push the cost any further, you should increase the Bank, under this bill in the current year your income by around five percent.

Since, however, both in the business with private customers as well as the division of asset management hardly increases are in there, might just be the investment banking for a sales plus. And the best indication of whether this can succeed is the first quarter, contributing traditionally disproportionately to the result for the year. In investment banking, in turn, it is the trading with bonds and currencies is crucial. This so-called FICC division was for Deutsche Bank, historically its greatest strength. And at the same time its greatest weakness, because here the majority of the scandals, the charge of the Institute until today comes.

Seven per cent, more would have to the bond and currency trading in the first quarter of 2019 to implement, to perform for the full year, so in advance, that the group and the Sewing can achieve your goals for the year as a whole. With such a growth in this core discipline, the German Bank would be, of all things, the best of all investment banks – an assumption that Analyst Graham for so keeps daring that he calculated that the probability of occurrence virtually zero. “We can’t think of any obvious reason why Deutsche Bank should cut with all of its challenges in FICC revenues in the first quarter as the best Bank in its class,” said Graham of the finest analysts of language.

Christian Sewing (l.) with Commerzbank_Chef Martin Zielke (file photo)

in Short: You don’t need much fantasy to imagine that the Deutsche Bank is also guaranteed to be 2019 your goals. And because the representatives believe meanwhile, the German government controls Deutsche Bank, apparently headed straight for a merger with Commerzbank. Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD), and his Secretary of state, Jörg Kukies work Reportedly diligently to make two weak German banks, at least, a strong. And also for Deutsche Bank, you now see the potential benefits of such a merger.

The Beautiful for lucky Sewing: He had of all those Involved the best chances to lead the merged institution. The Problem: Not only the Bank would be greater, but also his Job harder.

However, Christian Sewing, the man of sorrows, the German Bank might find it Like. Much worse it can be anyway.

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