Deutsche Post increases for the new year, the postage for certain packages: private customers, which give up a package up to five kilograms in a store, you have to pay according to DHL the package from the first of January 7,49 Euro. That is 50 cents more than the current price. The last price increase for packages of this class it gave to the group, according to the 2014.

All the other prices will remain unchanged, also the price for Online prepaid packages up to five kilograms should be 5,99 Euro. Post chief Executive Frank Appel had already thought about before publicly about the increase in the package prices, because the deliverer would have to be paid low. In addition, the Deutsche Post had to correct in June, its profit forecast by a billion Euro down, after the personnel costs were increased more than sales.

only DHL does not increase But the prices: In the case of the parcel service DPD will have to pay, according to a spokesman for private customers depending on the package size from the new year to between five and ten percent more. Hermes in the not finally, is a price increase for private customers. “However, it is assumed that in the medium term, something will move,” said a company spokesperson.

corporate customers need more packages for numbers

The package for shipment but also for companies more expensive: The individually agreed terms and conditions with corporate clients to increase for the new year, above average, had notified Deutsche Post in September. The second-largest parcel service Hermes had already increased in the last spring, prices for corporate customers by an average of 4.5 percent. Further increases are to follow. In the case of DPD’s business customers have to pay in the new year, 6.5 percent more.

The industry is expected in the coming years a further increase in the in Germany, the sent packets. Deutsche Post expects by 2020 an increase of about five to seven percent per year. In the first nine months of 2018 had been abandoned at the Post office in Germany 1,047 billion packages, an increase of 8.4 percent.

The continuing growth in the package services before big problems in the search for new drivers. “The labor market is empty,” had Hermes Germany, said CEO Olaf Schabirosky recently, the “Hamburger Abendblatt”. His company had been recruited in the course of the year, around 1000 drivers of competitors, which could have been better figures.


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