There, the flames raged in the night of Thursday, more than two hours long.

Among the victims of the exhibits, a microscope of chemistry, Nobel laureate Manfred Eigen, for instance. "The microscope is a Nobel laureate can get you a second Time," made a Museum spokesman Gerrit fist-the meaning of some of the exhibition pieces clearly. The intrinsic value of the objects was not quantified, therefore, the purely material damage, according to the Museum, "but surely in the tens of millions".

According to police information there was in the hall of unknown cause an explosion, as a result, the fire broke out. The Ingolstadt police has started the investigation in the fire ruins. People came in of the fire damage.

Deutsches Museum has several warehouses in Bayern

As the German Museum does not have its own Central depot, has rented for the storage of not in the current exhibitions of the pieces shown several vaults on Bavaria distributed. The Ingolstadt-based storage has been used for a long time.

The Museum had stored the exhibits of the sewing machine to the glider. The employees hope that some of the pieces have survived the fire. Since many of the objects were made of metal, it could be that they had been fouled, and by a restoration could be saved. "If it goes well, it’s not a total loss," said Museum spokesman fist.

In a neighboring warehouse had also turned off the Ingolstadt Museum of Concrete art images and objects. After a first visit to the municipality was, in this respect, but the all-clear. It had arisen at the pieces of the Museum of art, at best, minor damage.

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