the Chairman of The German trade Union Federation (DGB), Reiner Hoffmann, has called on parties and politicians to refrain from in the new year on a populist Utterances. “A doctrine of 2018 for the new year is this: populism is not worth it,” said Hoffmann of the German press Agency in Berlin.

“this goes for all The democratic parties. We have seen that in the case of the CSU, the CDU and the Left.” The “populist Anti-migration rate” of CSU chief Horst Seehofer, the CSU had suffered in the Bavarian state elections, said Hoffmann. “It would not be at all comprehensible, though Prime Minister Markus Söder now turned populist right.”

In the election mid-October, the party had lost after decades of dominance, their absolute majority. They drove to a decline of around ten percentage points, and scored their worst result since 1950. In the coming year is an election in Bremen, Brandenburg, Saxony and Thuringia state elections are held next to the Europe.

Spahn, and the Left

“In the race for the succession of party leader, Angela Merkel, Jens Spahn, with his sometimes, in the right-wing populist corner of the goal to cut off the ends of allusions modest,” says Hoffmann. At a CDU party Congress in early December Spahn had received 157 votes, won Spahns Contestant had Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, with 450 votes in front of Friedrich Merz, 392.

“And the Left is not visible, Sahra car hits servant of refugees is critical of course to the consent of the trailer,” said Hoffmann. “The great majority of the population, populism, and propaganda, but the ground of liability, clear positions and realism not to come.” So politicians need to know about what was going on in the premises, and the importance of participation and social working conditions for the employees.

“populism offers zero Alternatives to the challenges with which we are confronted – on the contrary,” says Hoffmann. “In many regions, the fear of Assault aggravated by the right demographic, and economic problems,” said the top trade unionists in the Republic.

the Right flash

“The necessary skilled labour, growth can only come from the outside, whether it is from Bavaria, Bulgaria, Denmark or elsewhere.” It is the case of the premises but very difficult to find professionals because not many people wanted to live because of the right of national activities there, although the regions were otherwise attractive.

“the insecurity and fear of loss of control are large,” admitted Hoffman. “However, the very large majority of the approximately 33 million employees in Germany select the AfD.”

And people in workplaces with collective bargaining coverage, choose according to Hoffmann’s words, still less the AfD. The have shown a survey on behalf of the DGB. “Social cohesion points lower support for the right-wing populism”, the DGB Chairman.

“The politicians, the flash to the right, should know that the refugee issue is the willingness to help people in Distress predominates in the population as a whole.” Who talk like the AfD, take the risk, it is forfeit with the majority. Hoffmann said: “A defensive and nationalistic attitude represents only a minority.”


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