in Baden-württemberg a green-and-black state government wants to submit to the end of the year against VW, an action for damages. The “Südwest Presse” (Saturday) reported, citing coalition circles. The Ministry of Finance confirmed this in principle. The country’s financial regulation becomes mandatory.

according to The report, holds a Green-Black to the group in connection with manipulated engine control software, a “deliberate immoral damage”. The proposed action would apply to all from the Land – such as for the police – purchased and leased diesel vehicles from VW, Audi , Skoda and Seat with the type of engine EA 189. All departments were asked to identify the number of affected vehicles in the authorities. The evaluation of the course, then the amount of a possible compensation sum could specifically calculate.

The prospects of success in court are estimated to be in the government, according to the sheet as high. VW has so far always taken the view that the cars are approved, technically safe and ready to ride. The country had offered VW, according to information of the “Südwest Presse” first of all, an out-of-court settlement. The group have let the deadline elapse.


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