The Federal Ministry of transport has created the legal prerequisites for the retrofitting of older diesel engines. Thus, the manufacturer of the retrofit kits can apply for an operating permit for their systems and drivers then equipped their cars with better emission control technology.

“Now, the aftermarket industry is on the train, to develop effective systems, with which all the limits and regulations are complied with,” said Federal transport Minister, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) on Friday in Berlin. If all limits are satisfied, will give the Federal motor transport authority (KBA) as soon as possible the approval so that the retrofit systems can be quickly offered on the market, so shy.

car manufacturers don’t want warranty

apply reduce The retrofitting to the emission of toxic NOX emissions. Diesel cars the emission classes Euro 4 and 5 are not intended to launch this in everyday life, more than 270 milligrams of nitrogen dioxide per kilometre travelled. Retrofitted vehicles will also be exempt from the driving ban.

The German car manufacturer want to apply for upgraded older Diesel, however, is no guarantee. “We can assume no guarantee for a vehicle, in the later exhaust gas cleaning systems of third parties have been installed,” said the President of the Association of the German automotive industry (VDA), Bernhard Mattes, the “world”. “When a customer lets his vehicle be rebuilt, then he and the other customers also bear the responsibility for possible consequential damage,” says Matt.


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