The automotive suppliers, Bosch is removed according to its own figures, due to the diesel crisis in the past year, a large number of jobs in the drive technology. In the works in the Saarland, Homburg, Germany and in the Bavarian town of Bamberg, a total of 600 Bodies had been mined, said the responsible business area CEO Uwe Gackstatter in the industry newspaper “Automobilwoche”.

A spokesman for the company said that it was for each half of the early retirement schemes in the case of permanent employees and to non-renewed fixed-term contracts. As the demand for diesel cars is declining, and called up the customer less components at Bosch, explained the spokesman of the removal.

According to the “automotive week” in fear of workers ‘ representatives in the current year, further job cuts. To this end, Bosch wanted to make any predictions. In the case of the suppliers of about 50,000 jobs in the Diesel, around 15.000 in Germany hang in the world. Bosch is negotiating currently with the workers in the form of substitute technologies, the report says. However, it is still unclear if the job losses could be compensated.


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