In the dispute over driving bans for older Diesel are also classic car owners in distress. The General Schnauferl-Club (ASC) calls for the privileges at the end of H plate for the next ten years. Old used cars for the model years 1990 to 1999, should not receive free travel in the environmental zones, while significantly younger for a diesel car with City driving would be prohibited in occupied. This would apply to the duration of the “popular anger” against a vintage car driver, said Rudolf body, President of the ASC group of country of Württemberg-Hohenzollern.

founded in 1900, The General Schnauferl-Club is one of the oldest German automobile clubs, and especially for vehicles from the pre – and post-war period. Cars from the Seventies and eighties, and young-timer from the nineties are the Fans of pre-war a thorn in the side of vintage cars for quite some time. For many club members not a classic car. Body explained on request, be “food for thought” with the ASC-the Federal Bureau matched. The goal is to get the acceptance in the population for the approved classic cars.

“It’s not good, if the H-plate-Diesel or the powerful V8 settles his exhaust Unger in the air blows in addition to a Euro-4 or Euro-5 Diesel, and the need to soon stay outside,” writes the body in an article for the magazine “Motor Klassik”. With H-license plate old car over 30 years will be allowed to enter even without a catalyst in environmental zones, in addition, a capped road tax per year 191 Euro. The special indicator is used for the care of the automotive cultural heritage, therefore, the vehicles must be in good General condition.

Moratorium in principle, it is not feasible to

He was a passionate car driver and I for young-timers-Fans, “maximum understanding”. VW Golf III, Opel Astra or Ford Escort vehicles were but soon into the H-mark-age, which had been produced in large numbers, and which is still a considerable residual was on the road. The body fears that these often cheap could be Used with a H-plate as a “back door” to be abused, to be carefree in the driving zones of the large cities.


“Behind the wheel, many will want to sit smart guy, and have seen classic cars already, but only in restricted zones of A to B driving,” says the body. These clientele will occur in no club, and no classic-car garages to visit. So the Drama will take its course, the number of cars with H-approval to significantly more than a per cent, and the annual performance of the classic cars from an average of 1,500 km in the year of “multiply”.

the Chairman of The Parliament circle for Automobiles cultural property in the Bundestag, Carsten Müller (CDU), rejected the claim of the ASC. “A Moratorium on the H-plate only for certain years is not legally feasible.” In addition, a witness to the identification of environmental zones and the ban on Driving areas for older diesel cars from professional ignorance.

registration numbers of the vintage cars have been rising for years

The cross-party Parliamentary group for the interests of the vintage car driver. At the beginning of 2018, almost half a Million historic vehicles with H were admitted mark. A total of around 45 million motor vehicles in Germany, the share is still marginal. The authorisation to increase the numbers of classic cars for years. The majority of the increase, however, were classics from 1965 to the end of the seventies, says Müller.

“completely wrong” he described the presentation, the cars from the late Eighties and early nineties would be unfair blow exhaust gases settles in the air. Most of these vehicles would be controlled exhaust systems on Board. 30 years ago – 1. January 1989 – was the three-way catalytic converters will be compulsory in all new cars.

support the ASC receives his advance of the German environmental aid (DUH), their complaints to the driving bans have resulted in numerous German cities. Already in the introduction of the urban environmental zones, it would have been against the exemptions for classic cars, said Dorothee Saar, DUH-Director for traffic and air cleaning. By the cheap second-hand cars, which were now on the threshold of the H-plate, would aggravate the Situation. Many people will lack the understanding, if by “old carts” such as a VW Golf 3 would soon be a H-plate, while for a much younger Diesel driving bans apply.

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