The Diesel-compromise between the CDU/CSU and the SPD provides for, among other things, Hardware-before the retrofits, in certain regions, as well as exchange premiums for older Diesel. The upgraded Euro 5 cars can reach, such as the Ministry of transport has confirmed this, but also to the retrofitting only the Euro 5 emission standard. Such vehicles will be on the Diesel market, difficult to sell. In addition, the environment Minister Schulze (SPD) has already banned before driving for brand new Diesel warned – the only exception: vehicles with the Euro 6 emission standard d.

driving bans for all Diesel except for Euro-6 d?

Alternatively, to retrofit or exchange Diesel-owner of one of the many class actions connect or on your own, the withdrawal of its Diesel-enforce car. Have a good chance in most likely the owner of a Volkswagen vehicle, because there was officially found to be a fraud.

if you prefer to plan for the future, should consider but, at least, whether he wants one of the exchange-accept offers. The first manufacturers have already released Details.

What cars you can buy

Recommended (in the sense of as long as possible for protection against the driving ban) when purchasing or Leasing a New or used car currently, only the following vehicles:

petrol or diesel vehicles that meet the exhaust gas standard Euro 6 and Euro 6, d-temp. In the case of diesel cars, these cars are equipped with a SCR exhaust gas cleaning system, and have a significantly reduced pollutant emissions in real traffic. Gasoline of this standard, are equipped with gasoline particulate filters, which reduces fine dust emissions. All the information and a current vehicle list, you will find the ADAC via this Link.Natural gas vehicles (CNG), Plug-In Hybrids – Hybrids with the possibility of external charging. In this case, you should choose models that are yet to be promoted . Recommended these cars are also forbidden only in terms of protection from driving, because the real consumption disappoint this car is solid.Electric cars (all information about advantages and disadvantages, as well as a Configurator for all the available on the market, Stromer, you can find on the manufacturer-independent Portal

Because many of the Euro-6d-cars of 2019 are available, have extended most of the manufacturer of your premiums, even well into the next year. Buyer can compare in order to consider whether and what offer you accept.

Euro-6 d-Diesel in the Test vote finally the fuel consumption figures? FOCUS Online New Clean-Diesel in the practice check: votes finally the fuel consumption figures? The rewards are everywhere? Not always

Which manufacturer is offering what bonuses? FOCUS Online shows all of the offers of the manufacturers from A to Z, and will update this list on an ongoing basis. Attention: The offers of many manufacturers only apply in the cities and regions, as "intensive cities" in spite of the nationwide decline in nitrogen oxide pollution is still the EU limits are exceeded, and, thus, directly from driving bans are threatened or have already included in their air quality plan. These are: Backnang, Berlin, Bochum, Darmstadt, Düren, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Heilbronn, Kiel, Köln, Limburg an der Lahn, Ludwigsburg, Munich, Reutlingen, Stuttgart. The basis of the NO2-values of the Federal environment Agency (UBA) from the year 2017.


(see Volkswagen)

BMW (only intensive cities)

BMW, the "environmental premium+the&quot offers; in the amount of 6000 Euro. This prize will be awarded to all holders of a Euro 4 or Euro 5 BMW and Mini diesel vehicle when purchasing or Leasing a new vehicle from the BMW Group. But: It must be a Euro 6 vehicle (they insist on the Euro 6-d!), a Plug-In Hybrid or an electric car (i3). The environmental bonus+ applies retroactively since 1. October 2018 until the end of the year 2019. For young Used an environmental premium+ to the same conditions in the amount of 4500 euros. The premium there is the case of E-cars in addition to electric buy premium, so that a (new) i3 is funded with € 10,000.

FOCUS Online of New electric BMW in the Test: At the end of a Nissan Leaf, Ford is chasing us (nationwide)

The offer is valid for the trade-in of vehicles of all brands, if the customer decides to purchase a Ford new vehicle with a "modern gasoline -, Diesel-or hybrid drive". Ford pays these customers a model-dependent environmental bonus of up to 8000 euros.

Hyundai (nationwide)

The South Korean car maker has switched also to the first of September 2018 all of its models to the new emission standard Euro 6d Temp. Until the end of the year, motorists are now able to put your old Euro 1-5-Diesel at participating retailers and get when buying a new Hyundai, a conversion premium of up to 10,000 euros. This Hyundai takes back to older auto-ignition of the other car manufacturers. The following awards are available:

Hyundai i10: 2500 Euro Hyundai Kona: 3000 Euro Hyundai ix20: 3000 Euro Hyundai i20: 5000 Euro Hyundai Tucson: 4000 Euro Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid: 5000 Euro Hyundai H-1: 5000 Euro, Hyundai i40: 10.000 Euro FOCUS Online G-class to be boring? Mercedes now has a Pickup and he can be a Mercedes (only intensive cities)

When choosing a new vehicle, customers can receive up to 10,000 Euro bonus. For used cars of the brand “Young star” is the bonus up to 5000 Euro. "for the First time, the possibility to Exchange for diesel vehicles with EU5. The premium applies when customers in the core regions, a Mercedes-Benz passenger Cars with EU6c or EU6d-TEMP or EU6d emission standard for Diesel, gasoline, or Plug-in Hybrid, or a Mercedes-Benz Van select", the manufacturer. When buying a new Vans customers will receive a conversion premium in the amount of up to 6000 euros.

Renault (nationwide)

At Renault, does not apply to local restrictions, the premiums are everywhere and when you trade in an old diesel engine up to Euro 5 emission standard. The premiums are dependent on the models:

€ 10,000 the purchase of the models Talisman, Espace and Koleos5000 euros for the Megane, Kadjar and Scenic4000 Euro for the Captur3000 euros for the Clio and the electric car Zoe (in addition to € 5,000 environmental bonus), 2000 Euro for the Twingo database, testing,, test drive: All-electric cars in Germany

FOCUS Online deals since many years with the topic of electric mobility and offers you a wide range of data, Practice tests, Videos and guides on the subject. With us, you will find reports and meaningful daily tests of almost 100 electric cars, Plug-In hybrids and fuel-cell vehicles.

We are the vehicles to test since 2016, together with CHIP. On the new e-mobility Hub you will find the complete Overview of all on the German market, E-vehicles, with data and prices and can arrange a test drive. There are maps of all the charging stations, range-calculator and many other Services.


(see Volkswagen)


(see Volkswagen)

Toyota (nationwide)

the Japanese will be exchanged for a Diesel (emission standard) against a hybrid. But beware: of all the popular Hybrid Toyota Prius is not a clean man – he’s not up to the standard Euro 6 d!

4000 Euro for the Auris3500 Euro for the RAV43300 Euro for the C-HR3000 Euro for the Prius2600 euros for the Yaris people’s car (only intensive cities)

For a Euro 1 to Euro 4 Diesel to the Volkswagen group brands, an average of 4000 euros and 5000 euros for a Euro 5 Diesel. This support includes, according to Volkswagen, too, will a compensation in dependence on the residual value of the old car, and financing of the offer; the Details not published by VW but still. AEB Germany used Diesel vehicles to be exported – especially to Eastern and southern Europe,

bargain alert for Smart

exchanged The Euro 5 Diesel, which typically have a relatively high residual value, are sold by most retailers abroad – namely, there is no driving restrictions for young Diesel like in Germany and there are a lot of customers . Who Diesel addiction in this country is a Euro 5 – because he will have to travel, for example, in none of the driving ban, cities should hurry up: The best "fives", which are less complex exhaust technology and also long-lasting and undemanding, and will quickly be gone. Of upgraded cars, you should on the Finger.

Diesel environmental bonus

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