Volkswagen has to spend according to chief financial officer Frank Wittwer in this year of 5.5 billion euros for the consequences of the diesel scandal. “In the coming year, we expect a sum of about two billion euros, and by 2020 it should be around a billion euros,” said Wittwer, the “Börsen-Zeitung” of Saturday.

For 2015, the car has a paid group because of the diesel scandal over 27 billion euros. The sum includes fines, compensation to investors and customers, and technical modifications to reduce the emission values of the vehicles.

Volkswagen has to work according to Wittwer continue to work hard to regain your confidence, this is also gone in the financial markets is lost. The demand for Bonds was high. However, the company must interrelationships investors are still a small interest rate to pay, the one with the scandal.


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