The exhaust gas scandal and the threat of driving bans, the popularity of diesel cars in many of the German decline. Many want to get rid of their old Diesel now, and find customers from the middle East and South – Eastern Europe: Diesel is booming-used cars.

In Romania , has Long been a big buyer of old used cars from Western Europe, increased the number of registered Diesel cars according to the Car registration place from 2017 to 2018 to more than 31,000. In Czech the business with the used cars is booming: One could almost speak of an “Invasion”, said Petr Prikryl from the Czech Association of used car dealers. “The importers to Germany, and, of course, that the German consumer is unsettled.”

According to a market study of the used car dealer AAA Auto, an Industry leader in Central-Eastern Europe, originated 63 percent in the Czech Republic advertised import used cars from Germany, and 60 percent of the imported used cars have a diesel engine. In the neighboring Slovakia the diesel proportion was even higher at 78 percent.

This development is also evident in the German car dealers noticeable. Nearly a third of them is often contacted directly by traders from abroad who will buy Diesel cars. The findings of a survey by the industry Association Deutsche Automobil Treuhand among traders.

customer is primarily interested in the fuel consumption

environmental zones in the Czech Republic as in Poland, Croatia and Serbia so far. “We’re going here, undisturbed and in freedom, without any restrictions”, said Prikryl, representing some 400 dealers. “The customer asks, what do you get the car, how much it consumes is of great interest to him.” And because of the 20 to 30 percent more fuel-efficient Diesel is at an advantage.

The buyers in Serbia it is especially to the fact that the cars are not cheap, said Slobodan Curguz, the owner of a motor Vehicle trafficking in Belgrade. This means that the Cars are usually older and more miles. According to the Association of Serbian Car importers, the average age of used import cars for twelve years. Serbia is one of the few countries in the Balkan region, which allowed the Import of vehicles of the pollutant class Euro 3 still.

environmentalists are outraged

In Romania, the cars were according to the annual report in 2018, the automobile manufacturers Association ACEA least on average, even a good 16 years old. And, although there are cash rewards for the scrap. In the Czech Republic and Croatia, the average age of the car at about 14 years, in Poland for more than 13 years. For comparison: In Germany the cars are in use on average only nine years old.

environmentalists are outraged by the development. “South and Central Eastern Europe must not become a garbage dump of old, redundant and dirty, the dirty air products,” said Jan Pinos of the rainbow movement (Hnuti Duha) in Prague. Unfortunately, the environmental consciousness behind here in the Region.


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