criticized Shortly before the upcoming diesel summit with German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and other top politicians of the German Association of towns and municipalities has the course of the Federal government. “The declared goal to avoid driving bans in any case, could not be reached”, said the President of the German Association of cities and municipalities, Uwe Brandl, the German press Agency. Also one and a half years after the first diesel summit with the Chancellor, the municipalities are facing great challenges.

On Monday, representatives of cities come together in the Chancellery with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Ministers. This is especially the adopted by the Federal government to immediately program for improved air quality in cities. The support programme was launched about a year ago by the Federal government, and includes a billion euros. It provides, among other things, measures for a better public transport in front as well as the conversion of buses and other municipal vehicles. In many cities, the pollution limits are exceeded. A main cause of diesel exhaust. Courts have arranged for several cities driving bans for older Diesel, to be implemented in 2019. In Hamburg, there are already road closures.

cities and municipal transport companies have called on the Federal government to support you financially, such as the Monitoring of compliance with the bans. The President of the Association of German transport companies (VDV), Ingo Wortmann, called for a change of course: “The funds from the diesel Fund. We need a consolidation of these funds from year one billion Euro. And the for at least ten to twenty years.” Also when you switch from buses to new drives, the government needs to do more, said Michael Ebling, President of the municipal Association VKU, the German daily süddeutsche Zeitung.

Here judge to decide on diesel bans

an action is prepared, a lawsuit is pending, bans on driving (the info window of the points to nitrogen dioxide-annual values. Limit value: 40 µg/m3)

source: German environmental aid, the FEDERAL government, to do their own research, Stand: 8. November 2018, The municipalities must ONLINE “the diesel dilemma to suffer the consequences of”

The cities and municipalities expected that the car manufacturer will be stronger than previously taken. “Mandatory Hardware retrofits and real exchange premiums, which is worthy of the name, for affected vehicle owners, important steps would be,” said Brandl. The CSU-politician is also mayor of the city of Abensberg. “The municipalities are not to blame for the diesel dilemma, but need it to pay for currently. We will let us by the manufacturers, therefore, certainly not to put the blame on.”

From the point of view of the municipalities there were still “deficits in the funding programmes” on air pollution. A complex structure and a high level of support bureaucracy also led to the local authorities would have unnecessarily lost time and with the necessary measures can begin.

Green party leader calls for government to Act on

criticism of the government chief Anton Hofreiter also comes from green group. “The Federal government is not allowed to receive the municipalities, Once again with empty hands. Thus provoked, you see eye to further bans,” said Hofreiter from the German press Agency.

From the originally promised one billion Euro for improved air quality in cities is yet always almost nothing at the level of municipalities, in addition to major bureaucratic obstacles were in the way, so Hofreiter. “This shows once again: The affected cities will be left by the Federal government alone.” Hofreiter also requested to consider the possibility of a blue plaque for the car producers for diesel retrofitting at the expense of the industry and to start a Transport campaign. “The Chancellor must finally end the chumminess with the auto industry and politics for the people,” said Hofreiter.

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