The for next week’s planned Diesel-summit in Brussels, because the Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU), for reasons of appointment has to be cancelled. It was pointless, such a Meeting without the country with the largest automotive industry holding, said EU industry Commissioner Elżbieta Bieńkowska to the Handelsblatt. She informed the 13 invited countries of the EU about the cancellation of the meeting, this will now take place among subject matter experts.

Bieńkowska Scheuers, described the cancellation as disappointing. The Minister let an opportunity pass to share the experience with other countries and even reached more of the things. The transport Ministry has not commented yet on the matter.

From the EU member States responded to Germany on the diesel scandal “at the most,” said Bieńkowska to the Handelsblatt. As an example, the EU called the met Commissioner recently against Volkswagen and Audi, the fines involved. Similarly, Germany is on a good way to make the air in cities is purer.

To the summit Bieńkowska representatives of the EU countries with the largest car invited industries. Together they should discuss, at a senior level, the Lessons from the diesel affair, and a common line in the introduction of new drive technologies. Several EU countries have already announced to different points in time, to abolish the internal-combustion engine in favour of new technologies. The EU Commission for a coordinated approach in the internal market.

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