Dieter Bohlen (64, “Nothing but the truth” ) changes also in this year his “American idol”-fellow members of the Jury. He was with the constellation in the last year, next to him, Mousse T. (52), Ella at last (34) and Carolin Niemczyk (28) took place, is not satisfied.

On Instagram Dieter Bohlen had been a Fan of the law, called the Jury-constellation as a “disaster”. For this indirect criticism of his colleagues, the Pop must-have titanium now, in turn, self-plugging. Ella Finally does not want to let the critique sit up and counters via Instagram.

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Ella Finally after Bohlen criticism: "don’t Be sad"

The pop Star posted a picture with “American idol”-winner Marie Wegener and wrote: “sad, love, Marie. Dieter has not thought further than to himself and his condition to the press. We have chosen You together from the heart (and with all the technical mind). Your victory was well earned, and Your Chart Position.“

subsequently, it relates directly to Bohlen criticism: “That the Jury should have been last year, a catastrophe, and You miss quite confident.” In addition, she is looking forward to the winner on their own Tour to take and to promote a sustainable way.

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