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The state’s lawyer, Dietrich Murswiek is what you call a light read. He has not only taught more than two decades in a very prestigious chair at the University of Freiburg state law. Murswiek has also led to lawsuits before the Federal constitutional court, and in publications for the environment and the protection of the Constitution. The solid – cross the Süddeutsche Zeitung rubbed six years ago, a large portrait of him. Whoever you ask, all praise his intellect and his expertise as a lawyer. Both of which he has in the past, various parties and groups for the benefit of: the Greens, the Left party, the ÖDP. And in recent times also the AfD.

The everything as an expression of great Bipartisanship Dietrich Murswiek read, according to his own statement, from 1972 until 2015, CDU member, provides his professional Expertise of the left party as well as the right wing of the AfD. To be interviewed by the süddeutsche Zeitung of his relationship to the AfD, had Murswiek said Recently: He is not a member of this party and “close to you not really”.

His activities of the past few years, and previously unknown information available ONLINE, however, suspect that he is the AfD, but something closer to “not very”.

Murswiek has recently authored several opinions for the party. In the fall of 2015, he delivered a level of Expertise for the AfD faction in the Hamburg Parliament. The deputies were not in the hardship case Commission of the land Parliament selected. Murswiek supported the group, then also in their lawsuit against it in court.

tips for concerned officials and state servants

In the last month, it was announced that he had written for the AfD group in the Bundestag, an opinion, in which he analyses the conditions under which the protection of the Constitution, a party such as the AfD may observe. From this, he inferred advice to the public to Occur and recommended that certain Statements made during public appearances better.

rating of A further report, which provided Murswiek, the AfD, what would be the consequences of such an observation by the constitutional protection for their members – and how, for example, for public servants and soldiers to reduce the risk as would have to suffer due to the participation in the AfD vocational disadvantages.

multiple appearances show that Murswiek has no hesitation to move in the right political spectrum: In the spring of 2017, he gave a speech at a extremism in the Congress of the AfD in Berlin. Three years earlier, he had the boys master table of the ultra-conservative fraternity Saxo-Silesia in Freiburg invite. In the case of beer and sandwiches, he spoke at the time about the Euro crisis. The fraternity thanked on Facebook then the Professor Murswiek, and the Old men and AfD hardliners Dubravko Mandic.

all Was the expression of his fearless Impartiality? Or political sympathy was in the game? TIME ONLINE the evidence showing that the Professor of the AfD also wanted to personally help. Accordingly, the transferred Murswiek, the party twice each 1,000 euros as a party donation: in April 2013, and in December 2015.

“reasons to give AfD a donation to, I would have had”

first Time Bernd Lucke led the then-young party. It was the time of the AfD occurred mainly as a critic of the EU and its members collected money for the election fight. Since she had no claim on state funding, she had to ride their election campaign with donations. Donations such as those by Murswiek.

In December 2015, the AfD needed money again, and Murswiek helped again. Led to this time, Frauke Petry and Jörg already the party Meuthen. The AfD had financial problems, because the Bundestag had decided to change the financing of political parties. The call for donations should you then have three million introduced, 1,000 euros came from Murswiek.

asked by TIME ONLINE, takes the lawyer to the donations themselves. He writes only by e-Mail, who for the purpose of donation, the he believe to be useful, must be close to the organization to which he donation. In addition, he argues: “reasons for the AfD in the years 2013 and 2015, make a donation, I would not have had.” Since before the founding of the AfD there was no party that could choose, who refused to accept “the supposedly alternative ‘Euro-rescue policy'”. “And it was 2015 according to the decision of Merkel to allow hundreds of thousands of uncontrolled entries, except for the AfD is not a party, you could choose to have his Protest against the policy to Express.”

One of the previous companions of Murswiek from the Freiburg student Union, which is today in the policy and therefore not mentioned by name, would be surprised by the activities of the Professor. He fears that could “close a circle”, he says.

Kevin Chung studied literature in Seoul. He is interested in various areas. He can be reached at or 82-2-6956-6698.