The Person Astrid Eckert / TU Munich, Kristina Reiss , 66, is head of the centre for International educational comparative studies at the TU Munich. She is also the Dean of the faculty of teacher education. Since the eighties, she explores the use of computers in the classroom.

MIRROR ONLINE: Computer in the classroom, what’s the point?

Kristina Reiss: We have evaluated 79 global studies, which shed light on the effect of digital education from the fifth grade in stem subjects. And we have found a clear signal that it is good if teachers in the classroom use computer.

MIRROR ONLINE: So the more Laptops and Tablets in the classroom, the better?

Reiss: no, it’s not necessarily. Whether teachers a PowerPoint show presentation, or a slide on the projector, makes no difference. I teach mathematics at the TU Munich and when I write with chalk on the blackboard in the lecture hall, I do this automatically at a pace, most students can follow. A explanatory video would be, however, for many, too fast. Sometimes traditional media are superior to so even.

MIRROR ONLINE: when is the Software in the classroom make sense?

Reiss: In the Sciences, it is suitable to simulate situations. You can illustrate, for example, the body temperature of a marathon runner changes when he drinks a lot or a little, and when he runs in cold or warm climate. The students can get the slider itself and drag. It promoted Learning to send students on such journeys of discovery.

MIRROR ONLINE: If these voyages of discovery are very complex, could feel the students are also left alone.

Reiss: Yes, and it is left to the intuition of each teacher to decide when he declares something, and when he moderated the individual learning processes. Our study has shown that it is best if he switches between traditional and digital media. At a school in Singapore, all the children had, for example, a Tablet on the table, but they tried anyway with two real bowls made of metal and plastic, in which a lump of ice the faster it melts.

MIRROR ONLINE: it Must be because then one device per student?

Reiss: no. Our evaluation has shown that the positive effect of digital media is greater when students use them for shorter periods of time. First of all, your benefits increase, but after a few weeks you will be somewhat weaker. Therefore, students need to be equipped with permanent devices, but it is sufficient, when several classes share a set. Also, it is very important that students talk about the learning material. From each other children and young people learn more than in silent individual work, which is also a result of our study. You should not put in front of devices and thus leave you alone.

MIRROR ONLINE: What is a learning software suitable for teaching?

Reiss: you should be adaptive, so the pace of each student to adjust. If he has successfully mastered a difficulty level, it switches automatically to a higher, so that he does not have to solve three times the same type of task.

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