the statement of The poorest terms of the policy to recognize the fact that all you claim for yourself. Of course, it is then interpreted in a completely different, but the word is only there once, brazen, and effective as a steam roller made of Styrofoam. In this regard, probably the most abused word: reason.

no one explains in any debate: “So, my Position is totally unreasonable, but I want to so be it.” All claim that their attitude was ultimately the only sensible thing to do. Worse still, In the case of evidence that one’s own Position – a clear vote for a speed limit of 500 km/h – is the only sensible, it moves quickly to the outside of any argumentative traceability. to prove

the great reason of your own opinion, stick together one of the most absurd arguments, facts, and lung doctors, irrespective of meaningfulness with Gaffer Tape. Thus, the total defacing of the rationality concept, the political reality is that is meant by “rationality” is rarely different than “appears to me and my Crowd-pleasing”.

The political reason, the term needs to change

It is not so, that the reason the term unquestioningly, so far, stood in the opposite. The Frankfurt school, for example, has the in 20. Century’s most important contribution to the rationality debate done, for example, with the concept of “instrumental reason” of Max Horkheimer. This means that technology and society machinery can appear to feign a kind of apparent reason, with the help of sensible decisions, to be without it.

a few days Ago, my colleague Christian Stöcker has boned mind completely to the right, the dangerous zero justification for “healthy” people, but the reason the thing is more complex. Liberal democracy is constructed in the spirit of the enlightenment to a political reason, the term, actually is reason, so, haha, no alternative. I would like to add something.

My Thesis is that the need to change with the current digital, social, and environmental change, the political common sense in the term, and much faster, than was previously the case. The question of “What is reasonable and what is not?” heard of all the problems of the concept of the essence of democratic politics. But the answers in the 21st century. Century other than the 20th. Century remaining standards have us believe. It was very reasonable to create copper cable into the earth or 50 million-year-old pressed plants from the earth.

Unfortunately, the youth

It loses has formed a new variant of the bogus reason, I would call the generational reason or Altvernunft. Altvernunft arises when you a rating of the future exclusively according to the criteria of the past. Many of the current disputes, of Brexit on education to climate change policy, are actually fights between Altvernunft and youth reason. Unfortunately, the youth loses. And not just because a 16-year-old activist as Greta Thunberg of a pathetic old man-insulted Onlinemob, bepöbelt, is threatened.

It recognizes the primacy of the Altvernunft particularly well to the discussion of the digital Pact, because it is a training issue. Education policy means by Definition that the Old decide over the life and Will of the young. Maybe it’s sometimes not that different, but you could then go at least with a certain age, humility is the thing and the youth.

in fact, the opposite is happening at the Moment, the Minister presidents of the Länder have rejected the digital Pact or to be more precise, the easing of the necessary cooperation ban rejected, allowing the Federal government should not have a national digital strategy for the education. Education is the responsibility of the States.

You can also totföderalisieren

the vote in The December 16 to zero, and this must be borne in mind. Not only that, the Prime Minister, are rarely of one mind. There is also a Large coalition of the three parties represented in the government, in turn, in 14 of the 16 countries ‘ leaders. Are involved Black or Red on 100 percent of all the governments of the länder, and the compromise had previously been with the opposition parties. Much better so the conditions for a consensus could not be.

Therefore, such a vote means that there is a shameful game of power is played. From both sides, from the Federal government and the länder, even if I tend to personally gently to the attitude of the Federal government, you can totföderalisieren.

For the youth of the digital Pact of the utmost importance, although he is already laced tedious, financially half – or eighth-heartedly, and 15 years overdue. Not to mention the lack of digital educational concepts. Already now at least a generation Education digital is lost and screwed over – and by Kretschmann on Söder to Karliczek it creates a 9000-year-old political crew, to reach an agreement, the supposedly all want.

Because, as the Minister of education: “In the individual interviews show that each other a great deal of understanding for the different view point. But of course, everyone advertises for his positions.” Of course, of course, which is also reasonable. From the point of view of those who understand, reason, and the own position of power to get the maximum.

What’s the political age of narcissism that poisons any discussion about the future of the youth, what the mediation is based on an old arrogant spectacle, regardless of how.

One of the reasons for the decline of the SPD is detrimental to your sanity fetish

How much is the Insistence on the old, own interpretation of the reason, politically, to take a current example to understand. I believe that an essential of the many reasons for the decline of the SPD, your reason is a fetish. By this fixation, the party has the change of the Reasonable overlooked. The SPD sees itself as the voice of reason, the Grand coalition is the appeal to reason possible, the Comrades are called by all sorts of political actors regularly for a reason.

far too often it even works, because the SPD was a drug reason. The social democratic Altvernunft of the variety “thundering Both-and” (Willy Brandt) in any case, be confused with the one from the outside easily with the posture of weightlessness. One recognizes the fact that the SPD praises so irritating often the “legal certainty” of the results, the smallest possible minimum goal of the policy without any substantive reference. Legal certainty is based on reason “He was always trying to” of the policy. A political cul-de-SAC, in the device, if it hides the change of reason.

This should not be the other parties a cautionary example: your reason of Old is the reason of the young, the reason of the change. You will be punished for this contempt. And in the end, the youth need to get the coals from the fire, if the coal is allowed at all.

The Podcast-question

The question, should this time be in the debates Cast to the column being discussed is: “Is the German policy, youth hostile, and if Yes, why?” The Podcast is released on Sunday on SPIEGEL ONLINE.

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