With the votes of the CDU/CSU, SPD, Green, FDP and the Left has decided the Bundestag, an Amendment to the basic law. The article 104c of the basic law in future is to be formulated in such a way that the Federal government is to make billion of investment in schools. Necessary the Amendment of the law was to become, because, in fact, the länder are responsible for education.

In a roll-call vote 580 deputies voted for the law, 87. There were three abstentions. Now, you just need to agree to the Federal Council, which also has a two-thirds majority is necessary. The national chamber wants to be in its last meeting this year, on 14. December, to decide. The Changes will apply from the beginning of 2019.

the parties have Agreed on the following wording:

The Federal countries to the provision of the quality and efficiency of education financial aid for a total state-significant investments and associated specific direct costs of the Länder and municipalities (associations of municipalities) in the area of municipal education infrastructure grant. Article 104b, paragraph 2, sentence 1 to 5 and paragraph 3 shall apply accordingly.

According to the previous formulation in the basic law, such assistance is currently only available for financially weak municipalities.

the Change will in future also be additional investment by the Federal government in the social housing and transport infrastructure.

As the first joint project of the digital Pact school is to be implemented with a total volume of five billion euros. Schools in Germany to get the Federal money, such as for Laptops, Notebooks or Tablets. Also, the data infrastructure for networking in school buildings and on school campuses should be promoted, in addition to Wi-Fi is to be funded in the schools, as well as the development of learning platforms, pedagogical communication platforms, school servers, interactive boards and other.

Advertise the consent of the Bundesrat

the Federal Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz, said in the Bundestag that he hoped that the countries of the new rules will agree with the necessary majority. The Changes were not “so far-reaching, as the one or the other feared it,” he said in the debate.

green group chief Katrin Göring-Eckardt expressed the hope that the amendment will be found in the Federal Council a majority. You referred to the fact that the Greens wanted in the Federal government, the complete abolition of the ban on Cooperation. Now, but was a compromise has to be found.

FDP party leader Christian Lindner said, “the good news for the students and a real step forward”. The greens and the FDP had negotiated the amendment of the basic law with. The Grand coalition was not dependent on the support from the Opposition, because it has the necessary two-thirds majority in the Bundestag.

the Left would have liked to see a complete deletion of the ban on Cooperation, as the honourable member said Gesine Lötzsch. The group agreed to the current compromise, but still.

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