This is the most common and well known Format is the A4 Format. This, among other things, College blocks, or standard conform to standard letter sheets and writing folders.

DIN A5 fits twice in a DIN-A4-paper

mainly from the primary school we know but also the folders in DIN A5. A piece of paper in DIN A5 has a length of 14.8 cm and is 21 cm wide. In order for papers to fit in this size twice on a DIN A4 paper.

DIN A0: dimensions in cmDIN A1: dimensions in cmDIN A2: dimensions in cmDIN A3: dimensions in cmDIN A4: dimensions in cmDIN A6: dimensions in cmDIN A7: dimensions in cmDIN A8: dimensions in cmDIN A9: dimensions in cm, FOCUS Online is The efficiency method, saving you up to 20 hours of work per week

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