After abuse allegations against Director Bryan Singer, 53, has been deleted, the Film “Bohemian Rhapsody” from the nominated list of this year’s gay-lesbian film prize GLAAD. In the magazine “Variety” said the Non-Profit organization Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defiance (GLAAD): “in this week’s report that appeared in “The Atlantic”, documenting the indescribable suffering of young men and Teenage boys, have brought a reality to the light of day, not ignored or tacitly rewarded.”

Singer had rejected the allegations, involving sexual abuse with Minors. At the GLAAD Awards will be rewarded according to his own representation of media that represent the LGBTQ community in a fair, accurate and inclusive way. The nominees for the 30. GLAAD Awards in Los Angeles, and New York will be announced on Friday on Facebook. “Bohemian Rhapsody” was set according to “Variety” for the category of “Outstanding Film.”

The Queen Biopic “Bohemian Rhapsody” has been acclaimed at the box-office big successes and was recently nominated for five Oscars. Now there is already speculation whether the new allegations could have against Singer effects on the chances of the film at the Academy Awards. Singer personally is not nominated: From the Post of the Director of “Bohemian Rhapsody,” he was fired shortly before the conclusion of the rotation. At the time, should not be advised to Singer’s days on the Set erschienenund about it in a dispute with the cast.

“gay enemy Dirt track”?

The new allegations of the magazine “the Atlantic” called the filmmaker a “gay enemy Dirt track”. It was “no Surprise” that the article is a benefit just now appearing from the success of “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

“The Atlantic” was published on Wednesday an article in which four men made allegations against Singer abuse charge. Two of them, with 15 or 17 years of Sex with the Singer had the age of consent is in California at the age of 18 years. A then 13-Year-old claimed that the Director had touched him on the sex part. The cases date back approximately 20 years. “Some of the alleged victims say that they had been seduced by the Director, others speak of rape,” it says in the article. Three of the four men in the “Atlantic”article, remain anonymous.

Similar allegations against Singer on diving for years. In December 2017, a man claimed that as a 17-Year old from the film-maker raped. The procedure is currently running.

Nevertheless, Singer continues to work on his new project: A remake of the comic “Red Sonja,” a sword-swinging warrior – which is in history the victim of a rape. Avi Lerner, the head of the production company, Millennium, the “Red Sonja” to the cinema wants to bring, stood demonstratively behind the Singer: “I know the difference between target-controlled Fake News and the reality.” He was feeling very good decision for the Singer as the Director, learner: “In America people are innocent until proven guilty.”

Meanwhile, Queen guitarist Brian May for an Instagram-replica, which could be understood as a justification Singers apologized. On the prompt, he should unfollow Bryan singer’s Instagram Account, responded to the musicians with harsh words: “don’t you Mind your own Affairs and tell me what I have to do.”

Later clarified May in a lengthy Instagram Post, for him the consequences of Instagram is not the equivalent account with the Approve of the actions of a Person. He apologized for his sharp answer and no more was to follow Bryan singer’s Account now.

check out this post on Instagram

Dear Folks – I was shocked and saddened to realise what I had done by my hasty and inconsiderate IG reply to this lady yesterday. I’ve posted an apology to her in the ‘reply’ box, but it seems to have disappeared – so I’m going to try to repeat it here, to be clear. —- Dear Sue, I’m so sorry that I responded to your post so snappily and inconsiderately. My response was a result of my perception that someone what is telling me what to do. I now realise that I was completely wrong in thinking that. You were actually just trying to protect me, for which I thank you. I am mortified to discover the effect my words produced. I had no idea that saying someone what innocent until proven guilty could be interpreted as “defending“ Bryan Singer. I had absolutely no intention of doing that. I guess I must be naive, because so it had never occurred to me that ‘following’ a person on Instagram could be interpreted as approving of that person. The only reason I followed Bryan Singer was that we were working with him on a project. That situation came to an end when Mr. Singer what sacked during the shooting of the film, but I suppose unfollowing him never occurred to me as a necessity. Now, because of this misunderstanding, I have unfollowed. I’m so sorry. This must have caused you a lot of upset. I wish I could take the comment back, but all I can do is apologise, and hope that my apology will begin to make amends. Sadly, this is all very public, but since I snapped at you in public, it’s only fitting that I should apologise in public. I’m going to try to follow you so we can communicate privately if you want. With love, – Bri. — I should add that this is also a sincere apology to anyone else out there that I inadvertently offended. No such offence was intended and I will be more careful in future. Bri

A post shared by Brian Harold May (@brianmayforreal) on Jan 24, 2019 8:25 PST

Brian May is involved with his Queen colleagues Roger Taylor as “Executive Music Producer” to “Bohemian Rhapsody”. The Biopic is nominated as “Film of the year” at the Oscars, as well as for the best actor in a leading role (Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury), film editing, sound editing and sound mixing.


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