Aldi Nord in Germany losses: the balance sheet for 2018 a double-digit million deficit, according to information of the manager magazine for the home market, below-the-line. The profit for the discounter after tax had been halved in the core market as early as 2017 to around 200 million euros. In 2018, Aldi Nord is write only thanks to the profits of some foreign subsidiaries altogether a black Zero.

In the current year, a sales growth of 3.5 percent to 4 percent was planned for the important German market. In fact, the Plus will be below one percent. As a reaction to the new Aldi-Nord-in-chief Torsten Hufnagel wants to restructure the entire company, and intensively invest in. 5.2 billion euros for the modernization of the stores, as well as the construction of new branches and the Expansion abroad have approved the Albrecht family as early as 2017.

Hufnagel is according to the statements of insiders, however, that he needed to realise its growth rate even more capital. As it is, would be willing to Aldi heir Theo Albrecht and the family of his late brother Berthold, the capital required to shoot.

Hufnagel is planning a radical restructuring of the company. He wants to strengthen the European foreign subsidiaries and, where appropriate, in other countries to expand. In-house is to end the traditional System of command and obedience in the Discounter , the employees will be trained more intense and better informed.

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