In the North of Canada has been discovered the largest diamond in North America. The mining company, according to the yellow diamond comes with a weight of 552 carat from the diamond mine Diavik, nearly 220 kilometres South of the Arctic circle. He had already been in October come to light.

“The color and Texture of this diamond are a unique example of the journey, the natural diamonds from their origin up to the discovery” – quoted by the mining company Dominion in a message to your company, boss, Kyle Washington. “Our Diavik Mine has some of the most beautiful diamonds in the world, and this tops the list without a doubt.”

The diamond the size of a hen’s Egg replaces, therefore, the previous record holder, the in the same pit discovered “Diavik Foxfire” with a weight of 187,7 carat. Diamonds are one of the world’s most in-demand precious stones, particularly large or outstanding copies are regularly sold for enormous sums of money.


Only a few weeks ago, the pink diamond “Pink Legacy had made” at an auction in Geneva the equivalent of about 39.1 million euros. The jewel is due to its weight, and his intense, almost completely uniform color among connoisseurs as extremely exceptional. Only one under 100,000 diamonds have such a quality, it said.

The world’s largest diamond, the Cullinan, with 3106 carats, was found in 1905 in South Africa. The stone was later split, the large parts were incorporated into the British crown jewels.


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