Without a doubt: In Germany there is still no equality between a man and a woman. The low proportion of women in management and leadership positions, because women for the same work often earn less money, you can see it in the policy.

Chancellor, CDU leader, SPD Chairman, rates for Green and Left – all well and good. But in the German parliaments, the dark suits dominate.

In the Bundestag are only a third of the members are women, in most of the country, it does not look better. Only in Thuringia, 40 percent of MEPs are female. In Baden-Württemberg, almost 25 percent of the deputies are women. For comparison: half of The people in Germany is female.

The parity law is legally controversial

women of all parties represented in the Bundestag (except for the AfD) therefore demand a parity law, as of the Brandenburg state Parliament has just decided. But the parity law is legally controversial. It could be the wrong way to equality. At least he is risky.

in 1926 sang Claire Waldoff: “Out with the men from the Reichstag, and get out with the men from the Parliament, and out with the men from the mansion, we make of it, a woman in the house!” It is 100 years since women can vote, of course, much has happened since. And it actually sounds good: The remaining defects are simply eliminated by law. In this case, the the parties forces, women have the same opportunities to a mandate.

But it is simply a parity law, nothing.

the biggest Problem is the constitutionality: Whether the Brandenburg law on Parity is compatible with the basic law, will have to decide at the end of the Federal constitutional court. Constitutional lawyer, no matter what party you like, call it as at least questionable, because it restricts the freedom of choice, the free right of proposal of the parties. Even a basic change in the law in this regard is likely to be problematic.

Now, one might say: let’s Try it, are intended to clarify the judge the thing! The Potsdamer parity but fails in Karlsruhe, could the damage to the idea in principle. The should not be.

Some people say that if women quotas are enforced by law, would lose the essence of representative democracy. What should the future exaggerated by people with a history of Migration, craftsmen or people who like to play soccer, stop to ask for quotes? Representative democracy may not necessarily take into account all population groups equally.

But women are not a minority. Moreover, this argument ignores article 3 of the basic law. There it says that the state shall promote the actual enforcement of equal rights for women and men.

Others argue that women are under-represented in the parliaments, even under – finally, the proportion of Women in the parties were still low.

The parties have to begin with ourselves – and not on laws

waiting right here, the crux is: Actually, the parties would have to increase their shares of Women. You would have to do more to ensure that women have a Chance to come into political Offices.

In the AfD, only 16 percent of the members are, not surprisingly, women. The CSU follows up with 20 percent, followed by the FDP with 23 percent, in the case of the CDU, 26 percent of members are women. The SPD women have a share of 32 percent, the Left is at 37 percent. Even in the case of the Green, the quote lists, and orator, only 39 percent of the members are female.

In all the parties in the proportion of men is more than 60 percent – so it is no wonder that there are fewer women on the view list of rich places, let alone as a direct candidate to be placed in key constituencies. The Cronyism, the Boys Clubs, the late nights at the bar are not considered.

You can’t force the parties by law, to be woman-friendly. The parties should mean the promotion of women seriously – what the majority say Yes, then you should also commit itself, more for women in politics do – and about half of the direct candidates to seats with women occupying.

That would be a first step.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.