Probably, it is time to shed light on the debate about the speed limit once from another page. At the level of reason, all is said: The accident frequency would decrease at a speed upper limit, the pollutant emissions, the saving of time is, in most cases, and on most routes with unlimited pace marginally. It stands in no relation to the risks and side effects.

Amazingly, the time will be led to profit, but as a justification by the advocates of little field. Instead, the unrestricted highway is stylized as a symbol of freedom, the accelerator-Yesterday, as Ulf Poschardt, glorify it to the last room of Unfolding of the personality. What is in these praises, The desire to distinguish themselves at speeds beyond 200 Km/h as a phenomenal motorists resonates at the low-level flight through the German countryside always.

This is almost cute, because: fast in a Straight line, anyone can really.

“Fun is not a straight line” is a winged word from the world of Motorsport. It aims, in addition to its generality, especially in the USA very popular style, to compete in the potent motorized vehicles: the Drag Racing. Two vehicles accelerate in parallel over a distance of 400 meters, the so-called four mile. The acceleration of the part of thousands of horsepower Dragster blows up, sometimes, the imagination. The requirements of the driver are compared with other motor sports, but manageable. Because it is only straight ahead, smile at a lot of racers from Europe, the Drag Racing.

can drive Fast straight ahead really each

Even more amazing is that people consider a high top speed on the highway as an indicator of your driving skills, not to be ridiculed much more often. The accelerator pedal in the oil Pan and the car to the limiter to that can really, every new driver newcomer. Differences to experienced pilots, you realize, and if at speeds of 300 suddenly, a compact car with a Tempo of 120 on the left lane pulls. In this scenario, even experienced drivers are mostly powerless (which in turn speaks for a speed limit).

Yes, admittedly, to fly for The first Time with a Tempo of 280 on the highway, is a Feast for the senses. But who is not a stupid goal, has not long to enjoy, the experience wear. In dealing with cars, the luck lies elsewhere: On the racetrack. Here, you can really make out who is a good driver.

Each car has a different character and must be treated differently, if it is to drive fast around the curves. Only, who deals sensitively with the pedals and the steering Wheel comes without Under-or oversteer through the Turn. Only those who engage to work on the car, especially the chassis and its kind, can, it is really control.

The highway to the Playground for simple minds

The Feast for the senses awaits at every turn: With the car to merge, its pitch and tilt movements to feel as if it were your own body, approaching the limit of liability of the tire until you literally can feel the nerve endings in the finger tips, in short: The car for maximum cornering speed in such a delicate balance that it is not departing the calls and gives the more experienced.

Who wants to know if he can do that, you need not a motorway without speed limit. Who would like to check if it works with the automotive fine spirit, can do much better on the local go-kart track. Or it solves a tourist ticket for the Nordschleife of the nürburgring and looks for a lap through the Green hell, what he really has on the box.

The simple spirits of battle more on the highway.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.