In the canteen at the Bonn headquarters of the labour and of the Ministry of agriculture have found food inspectors, according to SPIEGEL information during the inspections of 2017 and 2018, various infringements of the EU regulation on the hygiene of foodstuffs.

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Thus, the only contamination in vegetables were in the canteen of the Ministry of labour cooling the house, but also black mold on the sink. When a Test date was dripping condensation from the hood “interval” into a cauldron with boiling vegetable stock.

Spicy are also shortcomings in the canteen of the Ministry of agriculture, where the control grids of your dirty Insoles in the refrigerator, lack of supporting documentation for personnel training and is not covered food in the refrigerators criticized.

consumer advocates fight for transparency

Minister Julia Klöckner (CDU), responsible among other things for health protection of consumers, the issue is actually a “key issue” of the policy. “Woman Klöckner should first and foremost take care to ensure that the authorities, such inspection disclose the results,” says Oliver Huizinga of food watch. Also the staff should have “a right to, as it is the cleanliness in the kitchen.”

The consumer protection Agency came across a request for information under the consumer information act, to the reports. Foodwatch, a commitment to transparency obligations, also in snack bars and Restaurants, which are in a similar Form in Denmark or Norway. Speakers of both ministries, said the operators of the canteens had parked the deficiencies in the meantime.

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