“In Palatine you can Express yourself quite differently”, says Uwe Holla, talking on the phone is quite excellent. Or you would not ask in a job ad as a core competence, “the main thing is that you disgust you work”?

Holla has done this, but uff Pälzisch. “The main property, you hoschd kähn flukes before de Ärwet” is the name of the then, very politely.

His family business, specializing in the repair and marketing of construction equipment, is looking for, namely, gain. And from the Region. Because the company from Bad Dürkheim is located in the front of the Palatinate, Palatine.

“Mer däden degree so s/e arbeidswiedischen Bossler/n suchä”,

since then. And if you understand that, you have quite good chances in the application process. Because:

“Ä abgeschlossenie training as a Meschaniger/in i vun Vordäl awwer ned condition.”

you surrender? Here is the display also in high German. The “workaholic hobbyist” you will not find there, however. Because without the dialect, is used to formulated formally.

“With the display, we have stirred up a lot of dust,” says Holla. Several regional media have reported. “But our goal is to get fitter, we have not yet reached.”

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