In the EU are soon to be banned plastic plates, drinking straws and other disposable products made of plastic. Negotiators of the European Parliament and the EU States agreed on Wednesday in Brussels tomorrow on the details of how the Austrian presidency of the Council announced.

The strategy is likely to bring for almost every EU-citizen to be noticeable changes. The EU wants to curb with the ban, especially the pollution of the oceans. In force first Changes to occur in a good two years.

The EU Commission had proposed in may to prohibit once for utensils, straws, cotton swabs, and other disposable articles made of plastic. The amount of food packaging and drinking cups is to be pushed with reduction targets. Only items for which there are better Alternatives to however.

the EU Parliament and EU-countries had changed the plans of the Commission. You need to confirm the agreement of the negotiators, officially.

in the World, but also in Europe, used enormous amounts of plastic and then thrown away. In the EU alone, the Commission incurred according to the EU each year, about 26 million tons of plastic waste, of which less than 30 percent recycling to be collected.

plastic decomposes very slowly and accumulates particularly in the sea and on beaches. Up to 85 percent of all in the EU, the washed-up waste are made of plastic – it is in about half of cases weggeschmissene disposable products.

the Significance of the EU ban, especially for the plastics industry, which is made according to the authorities in 2015, with a turnover of 340 billion euros and 1.5 million people employed.

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