There are many German Europe are deputies, you know, in Germany, the Rapporteur Elmar Brok, the man with the Walroßschnauzer, is one of them. No German sits no longer in the Europe Parliament, the CDU-man from Gütersloh, none of them had, in the course of his career, more prominent Offices, by the chief of the foreign Affairs Committee to the Brexit officer these days. And no one explained to the citizens in TV talk shows more often, the often unfathomable decision-making channels of the EU.

On Monday evening, however, the land Executive of the CDU in North Rhine-finished-Westphalia Brok’s career, perhaps permanently.

The 72-Year-old fell through in the preparation of the country list for the European elections at the end of may. Instead of it the to a wider public completely unknown the NRW state Parliament members Stefan Berger now ranks in originally for Brok referred to the top of the list.

The operation is not only a maues image of the leadership of the CDU land chief and the NRW Minister Armin Laschet, who had vigorously campaigned for Brok. He also, once more, the divide ride is open to customization of the leadership circle of the NRW-CDU, after all, the members of the strongest national Union of Christian Democrats.

Also for Angela Merkel Brok’s crash is not a good sign: Both Laschet, such as Brok, is among their supporters, but this is one in a CDU, in the authority of the Chancellor wanes, apparently becoming less and less.

The process of renewal of the CDU goes ahead, therefore, at all levels: So you may be more Familiar Volker Kauder lost against the will of the Chancellor in September, the group’s presidency in the Bundestag to Ralph Brinkhaus. Then, in December, Merkel had to give up her party leadership to Annegret Kramp-karrenbauer.

Elmar Brok, the you need to know, is more than a normal member of the European Parliament. The man with the tight wire to Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker has already carried some of the German officials career in Brussels.

Brok was a close ally of Helmut Kohl, but came clear with Angela Merkel. Arguably, he was, of course, never, especially because he had brought in ancient times for years, today’s unthinkable piece of art finished, as a member of the European Parliament supervise the representative office of Bertelsmann in Brussels.

the starting shot for the province of posse with the celebrities fell victim to, as the CDU land chief Laschet wanted to do the veteran Brok a Favor. Because of the circle of eight mighty NRW-district Chairman had located Brok, on Monday morning on place 6 of the electoral list. This is seen, on the edge, as a defeat for one Union group chief brinkhaus. Because the would have had to lift as a district Chairman of Ostwestfalen-Lippe “his man” Brok to a better place on the list, the NRW-CDU.

the Background is that the NRW-CDU could be, with its eight district associations, yet always right you will be sure to send eight parliamentarians to Brussels. However, given the current poll numbers, this chest of drawers a result of “one per district” in the election in may.

According to struggle fiercely now from behind the Scenes.

the country chief Laschet was called Brok in managing the NRW-CDU-Board back a bit to gain the wind, and placed him as number 4. But Oliver Wittke, Parliamentary state Secretary in the Federal Ministry for economic Affairs and district Chairman in the Ruhr area, threatened Brok there with his candidate to attack.

Brok waived in a row and went back to number 6 on the list, as the district had provided the Chairman originally. A place that should be sufficient for the entry into the European Parliament actually still.

But by then sat down in a fight candidacy Stefan Berger with 20 votes to 17 against Brok. Of Europe politically, yet little-known member of the Landtag was also sponsored by a powerful CDU man, from the district chair of the lower Rhine, Günter Krings, Parliamentary state Secretary at the Federal interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU).

Brok would now be able to place 8 to run on the Berger previously was provided, but eighth place is in these days not safe and Brok, after decades of policy on Europe is none with a hopeless list.

in Addition, a vote also threatened here now. Because the NRW-Minister of the interior, Herbert Reul, from the Brussels ‘ members days also no friend Broks, now brought as a district Chairman of the Bergisches Land his man in position.

the result of the CDU-cabal: Brok is now not at all on the list. A Bang. The final list will be decided at the end of January at the national representative Assembly. Theoretically, Brok could throw his hat again into the race. However, if the delegates want to unravel the complicated list work again, is open.

Still Brok is not beaten. “I reserve the right, whether I’m running on the country’s Assembly of delegates,” he says. “This has to be all carefully considered.”

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.