Austria’s right-wing government wants to reform the minimum income, as is social assistance in the neighbouring country.

asylum-seekers should not, in the future, if you meet certain language skills or no education be able to demonstrate completion of, 300 euros less a month, disabled people and Lone parents, however, should receive more.

With the new rules, according to the maximum of 863 euros in the month paid may be, should be preventing “immigration into the social system,” from the government of the ÖVP and the FPÖ.

Volatile, especially possible cuts in unemployment, and greater access to their assets. , The red-green city government of Vienna, coupled with further deterioration for workers, such as the introduction of the 60-hour week, an attack on the welfare state and announces that the draft law not to implement.

The project was “incomplete and partially incomprehensible, there is no real Reform or development is visible,” said Social city Council Peter Hacker of the social-democratic SPÖ. “Without extensive repairs, and the Vienna city government will implement this bill in this Form.”

On Thursday responded to Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP), harsh on the attitude of Vienna. At the opening of a government meeting in Mauerbach, he said in Vienna: “I think it is a good development, if less and less people get up in the Morning to work and in more and more families, only the children get up in the Morning to go to school.” In Vienna, there was 13 per cent unemployed, three times as much as in the Federal state of Tirol and is still twice as much as in the Rest of Austria. Moreover, more and more homeless people lived in Vienna.

That left many Viennese not sit up. The Prompt, posted under the Hashtag #Vienna put her their reactions to Short’s testimony. “Message of obedience: an hour ago. Children are not amused!”, of a wrote. The Viennese Journalist and author Robert Misik spoke of a “mockery of the poor”.

And another Twitter-quoted users from an article from 1941: “Special success had been a tank formation of the protective police, the car with anti-tank power, and motorcycles, organized a RAID on sleep-in in the Vienna districts.”

The Vienna social democratic party tweeted: “the Chancellor continues his low-level attacks against Vienna. But the Viennese that can not be liked!” The SPÖ-politician and Doctor Mireille Ngosse wrote: “Good Morning! For 25 hours in service, 40-50 patients are taken care of and 4 OPs. Now, to go home, to take care of my two year old son.”

Other residents of the Austrian capital, according to a new funny or sarcastic remarks such as: “Vienna, Friday 11.1.2019. The Rolex shows 8.10 am. For the first time a Cup of coffee and a Bread roll with gold leaf and then look out the window, as tens of thousands of children go to work and make money for me.” Or: “Just woke up – mind you, this is nothing for me back there again!” A Twitter user quoted a Tweet from a Short from 2010, in which he had written: “long to go to sleep and short”, and wrote: “Not always from themselves onto others”.

But also beyond Twitter from Vienna criticism of Short. The statement of a “massive insult” all Vienna is on the inside and Vienna, said the SPÖ-country party Secretary Barbara Novak. Short of a considerable part of the Viennese population have”, that you can be lazy”. Similar to the Green politicians were.

had refined his polemical Utterance in the direction of Vienna, however, continue. the number of minimum income recipients had increased in Vienna. “It is not a good development, if more and more people have no work, and minimum income.” do not meet the Vienna city government, their tasks, wander the competence for the minimum income to the Federal government.

Similar to the Vice-Chancellor and FPÖ expressed-in-chief Heinz-Christian Strache in Mauerbach. If Vienna with the Reform of the minimum income scheme was not agreed, could not refuse to the city easy, a legislative decision not to implement. It was clear, “that we live in a legal state, and the red-green Vienna city government will also have to adhere to the rule of law.” In this respect, he can see “the Whole left”.

Minister of social Affairs Beate Hartinger-Klein (FPÖ) indicated that Changes to the bill are possible. “Nothing is eaten as hot as cooked,” she said, with a view to the Viennese attitude. “We look at everything in peace.” Thereafter, the government will submit a draft. However, a constitutional complaint was not in Vienna to implement the conceivable.

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