in 2017, 3.3 million people were in need of care, 2045, it will be the economic research Institute Prognos, according to five million people. In order to cover the foreseeable sharply rising costs, wants to be insured, the SPD officials and private long-term care insurance. The SPD’s Vice faction leader Karl Lauterbach said the Newspapers of the Funke media group: “These groups benefit from the care system, pay for the parts is significantly lower contributions.”

“We will be able to Finance the rising costs of care in the long term if also civil servants and privately insured in the future, contributions to the statutory nursing care insurance, Deposit,” said the health expert. “We need a citizens insurance in the care.”

tax money for care insurance?

The leading Association of the statutory health and nursing care insurance funds (GKV) has demanded a tax-financed Federal subsidy for long-term care insurance. So far, these will be financed only from contributions.

Karl Lauterbach

on Wednesday published a study of the Bertelsmann Foundation, had come to the conclusion that the rate of contribution for nursing care insurance, up to the year 2045 could rise from the current level of 3.05 to 4.25 percent. To was already the beginning of the year, the contribution rate was increased by 0.5 percentage points.

The chances for such a change in the system increased with each passing year. “For that reason alone, because more and more civil servants and self-employed persons with small income can no longer afford the rising premiums for private long-term care insurance in old age.”

increase in the contribution rate only goes up to 2022

Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn, a principle called for a debate on the future financing of care. He wanted to use the balance in the long term, “brand new,” he said of the “image”-newspaper. The contribution increases at the beginning of this year, would be sufficient only until 2022. It is a voice that care “will be much more expensive,” said the CDU politician of the sheet. Spahn called but no Details of such a Reform might look like.

Jens Spahn

The Minister did not, however, a tax financing of the previously contribution-financed nursing care insurance: “If the contributions are not to increase further and further, then you will also need to discuss other funding models.”


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