Already during his election campaign, the interests were blatantly conflicts, now US President, Donald Trump has consented to the dissolution of his private family Foundation. The New York solicitor General Barbara Underwood told the remaining assets of the Trump Foundation would be distributed to other non-profit organizations.

The non-profit Trump Foundation was sued by prosecutors of the state of New York, because they are supposed to be the needs for private and political purposes. So litigation by the money be puts payments from the funds of the Foundation, beige and Trumps the election campaign had been supported. The agreed end of the Foundation referred to Underwood as a “major victory for the rule of Law”.

attorney General accuses Foundation of “persistent illegal” practices before

she threw the Trump founded in 1987 and up to his entry into the White house-led Foundation, “continued illegal” practices. Trump had alienated the organization for his “personal and business” interests and purpose, said Underwood last June to deranklage survey.

To be included in the lawsuit listed alleged illegal activities, the cooperation between the Foundation and the Trumps of the election campaign team of veterans at a fundraising event in aid of the Military.

Of the at the event in January 2016 in the state of Iowa collected funds 2.82 million dollars went to the Foundation. From this pot then donations had been paid to veterans ‘ organizations – the Trump campaign have controlled the distribution.

Trump appeared at the time, the media at campaign events with large copies of the donation checks. The prosecutors see this as an abuse of his Foundation for political purposes. The Foundation Fund disbursed donations would have let Trump “charitable” appearance, and his profile in the election campaign sharpened.

As a further possible violation of the law of the Foundation, the prosecutors proclaimed the purchase of a Trump-portraits for $ 10,000, which was hung in one of his Golf clubs. The painting was the Foundation for an auction to benefit a children’s organization.

also, a payment of the Trump Foundation, $ 100,000, with the help of a legal dispute between trump’s luxury resort Mar-a-Lago, in the state of Florida and the city of Palm Beach settled had been, it was Argued. The money flowed to a different Foundation, the military and veterans with families.


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