students must not receive grades, but may also be valued differently, for example with written assessments. This opportunity will give the Land of Hessen first, up to 30 schools. A spokesman for the Hessen state Minister of culture Alexander Lorz (CDU) informed and confirmed a report the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”.

It was an offer that could be schools or not. Students, parents and teachers should decide together whether they want to do without notes. “This is no way for the authority orders”, the spokesman said. The offer is suitable especially for comprehensive schools. It all forms of school is open but in the end.

Choose a school, grades to be abolished, it must submit an alternative concept. The school Committee has to agree. However, The note-waiver is only possible if there is no change to a secondary school or a school pending completion. Then students need to products of conventional grades. “It must be given to the comparability,” the spokesman said.

More on the topic of teacher confession “I. will give only good grades,”

The offer is, ultimately, only for students up to Year eight and also only for a small part of the Hessian schools In the next five years, the Option per year may use a maximum of 30 schools, for a total of not more than 150. In Hesse there are 1800 schools.

“Finally a break”

the basis for the note resignation of the coalition agreement, the black-green state government. Schools should have the opportunity “to go to educational new ways of achieving the aims of education”, – stated in the “embodiment of the performance evidence”.

“That’s the key, new passage,” said the spokesman. So far, relatively little concrete content but am still behind. Practically, it could start with the note a waiver at the earliest as of next school year.

The call comes from the Green. They wanted to allow schools “finally, a breakthrough”, said the Chairman of a group in the Hessian Parliament, Mathias Wagner, the “FAZ”. “The educational goals are to be reached with a different education in some respects better.”

theme with “explosive power”

The Hessian CDU had suffered in the state election in October 2018 and strong voters losses. In the coalition negotiations with the Green you had to respond accordingly, compromises and agreed to the new rules on the distribution of grades. In the Union, however, there are major reservations about how the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” reported. A party member speaks of a theme with “explosive force”.

On the question of whether students should get the grades or not, argue with parents, teachers, experts and educational policy-makers for years. Notes at least selectively abolish, is not new. In Germany, there are already many primary schools and some comprehensive schools, the refrain at least partially on grades. The rules are different from state to state.

example Schleswig-Holstein

In Schleswig-Holstein, for example, had softened just a few years ago, a coalition of SPD, Greens and SSW, the rules on the distribution of grades. In primary schools there were in the classes one and two anyway, not grades, in classes three and four, they were removed normally. Certificates with numbers, there was then only, if a school put this in expressly for.

The following is a government made up of CDU, Greens and FDP changed the rules recently. Now it is the opposite: schools need to be given to a class of three grades, unless the school itself decides to give it up.

At the schleswig-Holstein community schools: For grades five to seven, the school Committee may determine that Based products are replaced by descriptive assessments. These decisions, however, are only effective if the majority of the selected teachers to agree to, said a spokeswoman for the school Board.


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