The US President taken into account the government stood still, the prices on the US exchanges, has been sent on a downward spiral. The Dow Jones index broke through to the early afternoon local time in New York easily. Also, the indices of the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq gave in.

reason is the Donald Trump threatened “Shutdown” to force the Senate and the house of representatives, the approval for the financing of the planned construction of the wall on the Mexican border. The President has asked for a minimum of five billion dollars (4.4 billion Euro), the Democrats want to approve only $ 1.3 billion.

Trump had signed last week, a transitional budget, and thus prevents the need to close, the Parts of the government, because you run out of money. At midnight local time the funding runs out. Trump called on the Democrats that is why, in the house of representatives with the Republican majority, adopted the draft law in the Senate to support.

Should not get the necessary votes from the Democrats, will come to a standstill, the long last could, tweeted Trump. The chances of that are high: The President does not assume that the Democrats support in the Senate to the draft.

Several hundred of thousands of civil servants could be affected, according to the broadcaster CNN, and without payment forced to be on leave of absence. National parks, Offices, museums or other public institutions could stay up for days closed.

it is Not the defence, education, health, and the Ministry of labour would be affected. For these areas, the Americans adopted already in September, a longer-term budget. Also the police and border guard work.

The Democrats did in return, Trump for the “Shutdown”. The President relied on the financing of its border wall, although he did not bring the necessary majority for it, said the leader of the Democrats in the Senate, Chuck Schumer.

Already the end of January, there had been a budget freeze of a few days, at the beginning of February, the “Shutdown”mode only lasted a few hours.


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