Bayern want to sue in a dispute to the credit of the family money for Hartz IV recipients to the Federal government. “This is an untenable Situation,” said Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU), on the edge of the Cabinet retreat in Gmund am Tegernsee.

for months, existing Konfliktsei to solve politically. Expected the action should be filed in February. Responsibility of the Federal social gerichtin Kassel. “There is a legal solution must be found,” said Söder.

Various provisions

the dispute goes to the question of whether the family will be charged money on Hartz IV, as it is with other benefits such as child benefit. The family money replaced two other services, which Bayern had previously paid to parents – the state education money and the support money.

The SPD-led Federal Ministry of social Affairs is, unlike the Bavarian state government is of the opinion that the Bayern paid the family must be credited with the money on social benefits. This includes monthly and EUR 250 per child under the age of 13 to 36 months.

In Bavaria, two different sets of rules: parents, the life of Hartz IV, are currently in use, no additional family in the money. Except you of Würzburg, Ansbach, Munich, Mies Bach, Günzburg, and the upper allgäu live in the so-called municipalities – Ingolstadt, Schweinfurt, Erlangen, and Kaufbeuren, or in the counties. Because here, the Federal government has paid not have access to the level of the Hartz IV rate.


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