they had given up their provocations, a great effort – but now the French President, Emmanuel Macron, has the Italian Premier and his Deputy just off. On the sidelines of a visit to Egypt Macron stated the attacks of the last few days for “not interesting at all”. Further, the President said: “I’m not going to reply. Because that is the only thing that you expect.”

The Stänkereien from Rome had begun in the last week; first of all, Luigi Di Maio, Chairman of the party of the right-wing to handle tables of Five-star movement Macron. France was the main culprit in the Migration from Africa to Europe – however, he will apply sanctions in the case of the EU, so Di Maio. This is “a fight of decency against the hypocrisy of Macron”.

Then Lega-Boss Matteo Salvini to put. He hope that the French will punish your “bad President” in the European elections. And also the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, a rose – albeit with slightly more restrained tones. It was “legitimate to raise the issue,” said Conte.

In Italy, elections are imminent regional – a possible reason for the provocations. Because Di Maios Five-star-loses movement becoming more and more votes. The attacks against the Emmanuel Macron, he now has the interest of the media for the time being, safe.

An analysis of the Italian-French Rift you can read here.


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