Apple has returned to Facebook after a day, the ability to upload in-house Apps on iPhones to its employees. Apple had made the necessary Software certificate is invalid, after that Facebook had spread came out with the help of a market research App to study participants, although this is not allowed. In the night of Friday, Apple introduced a new App certificates, such as Facebook, among other things, “Axios” was confirmed.

On Thursday evening, worked temporarily, Google’s certificates for company Apps on Apple devices, not more. Earlier it was reported that Google “Screenwise meters” had brought in a similar way to Facebook an iOS App for the analysis of the online behavior on iPhones. Google turned off the App for iOS users and spoke to the “TechCrunch” of a “mistake”, sorry.

In a further Statement Google pointed to a “temporary fault” with some of the internal Apps for the iPhone operating system iOS. They are working with Apple to solve the Problem. Apple said in the Website “Axios”, they wanted to help Google, and the company certificates so soon as possible back. A Tweet from “Bloomberg”-Journalist Mark Bergen from Friday morning suggests that Google’s iOS-Problem is re-solved.

For internal Tests thought

The two providers to the App-distribution of employed Service is intended to ensure that businesses can store, for example, test versions of programs directly to iPhones or iPads to their employees without going through the official App Store, and its testing processes by Apple. For this to work, get the company’s special Software certificates. Apple looked at the Offer Apps to external users in this way as a violation of its rules and agreements. Especially Apple and Facebook had already before the incident, a tense relationship.

Facebook’s “Research” referred to a market research App secured at the Installation of far-reaching access to data on the device. Apple would not have left it in this Form, probably on its Download platform.

As a result of Apple’s certificate deletions, Facebook could benefit employees in the meantime, among other things, no test versions of Instagram and Facebook Messenger, and more on iOS devices, it said in media reports. Have been affected the App on Facebook transporting members of the workforce will be organized.


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