US President Donald Trump is planning a decree of the U.S. companies, equipment manufacturers prohibits the cooperation with the Chinese Network Huawei and ZTE. He could already occur at the beginning of the new year, as the Reuters news Agency, citing an Insider reported.

The draft contains no specific name, and speaks only of foreign suppliers of telecommunications technology, which meant significant risks to national security. However, all of the people Involved is clear, against which companies the Ukas lessons.

The spell is for a number of reasons explosive:

the United States and China try to traders is to formulate a new trade agreement, a permanent trade war averted. To travel to information of the news Agency Bloomberg, in the second week of January, a U.S. Delegation for talks with Chinese government representatives to Beijing. Bloomberg, citing two unnamed individuals referred to with the familiar thing. For other rings the supplier just orders for components of the new mobile network of the fifth Generation.

in August, Trump had signed a law, the authorities prohibits the use of Huawei’s Hardware. Since then, U.S. emissaries to advertise with the allies so that these impose also restrictions.

Huawei is in the USA already for a long time in the visor, because the group has close Links to the Regime in Beijing, and therefore, as a national security risk. The Americans fear that the Chinese might need the Huawei technology as a gateway for economic espionage and cyber-attacks miss. The hardliners in Trumps Administration of China also as a competitor who wants to make the United States the technological lead away.

ZTE has already experienced what it means to have the US government to the enemy. Because of the Chinese Telecom was in breach of a supplier against the Iran sanctions, exiles, the authorities destroyed the group entirely from the US market. ZTE brought to the brink of Bankruptcy.


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