Just for Last-Minute orders seems to be Amazon before Christmas, an important point of contact. The Union Ver.di wants to disrupt the logistics of the group with strikes and the pressure in the fight for better working conditions. According to trade Union data has started in the night on Monday a multi-day strike by workers at two points of at Amazon.

“There is the danger that Christmas gifts do not arrive on time,” said a Ver.di-speaker. The unionists called on Amazon employee of the shipping trade in the centre of Saxony, in Leipzig, to strike up to Christmas eve. In the shipping trade center in Werne in North Rhine-Westphalia, you should strike first, until Tuesday evening.

The strike could, according to Ver.di will, however, soon extended to more sites and a longer period of time. The Union had already been called in the past week, the workers at the site of Rheinberg to work the fight. In Germany, there are a total of eleven logistics centers and seven distribution centers of Amazon. The group was initially for an opinion to be reached. Ver.di calls on the retailer for more than five years to strike, most recently on the occasion of the discount battle at the Black Friday.

in order to force the negotiation of a collective agreement. The Union wants Amazon employees to be paid according to the fare conditions of the item and the shipping trade. Amazon refuses, and is based on the remuneration in the logistics industry. The company has, in its view, a payment at the upper end of what is in the logistics industry.


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