Before his Meeting with EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has come out Contrary to the Italian head of government, Giuseppe Conte more in the budget dispute, required. The EU should overcome their “short-sighted” fiscal hardship, said Conte on Tuesday. He was working hard to overcome the trenches in the fight. He will introduce the whole spectrum of his reform programme.

Conte wants to turn away on Wednesday at the Meeting with Juncker, an excessive deficit procedure at the end of which could be billion in payments and cuts in EU programmes for Italy.

The EU Commission had rejected the original draft budget of the populist government in Rome, with a deficit of 2.4 percent of the economic performance and the corrections required. The previous government had promised Brussels to a significantly lower deficit.

Italy’s Finance Minister, Giovanni Tria wants to correct the original deficit and the government’s plans now seem to be down, and thus the dispute with the EU on Italy’s budgetary policy to defuse.

Tria infiltrate the government to reduce the deficit to 2.0 percent of the economic performance of the originally planned 2.4%, wrote the newspaper “La Repubblica” on Tuesday.

in order Tria hope that the threatened deficit to prevent procedures of the EU against his country. The EU-Commission is according to the paper, ready to accept an Italian budget deficit of 1.95 percent of GDP for 2019.


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