He provoked and insulted, loved mass rallies and Twitter, was constantly present in the media. Long before Donald Trump appeared on the political stage, shoved another Populist with a similar Occur after the front – Hugo Chávez.

The 2013 deceased Ex-President of Venezuela, as many, especially with his insults of American heads of state in memory. George W. Bush, he was called an “idiot” and “donkey”. His successor, Nicolás Maduro, has remained faithful to Tradition: He berated Barack Obama as “the top of the devil,” and likened Trump to Hitler.

On Wednesday, it was from the text of an international crisis, a battle. In the escalating political chaos in Venezuela Trump was officially on the side of the opposition leader, Juan Guaidó, had declared Maduro previously disempowered.


With this Intervention, Trump binds to the fate of Guaidós – a rare deviation from his “America First”doctrine. But the surprising truth is no: always agitated Trump against Maduro.

He did not rule out a military option against Venezuela, Trump said in August 2017 and disturbed even his closest advisers. Internally, he is said to have even encouraged an American Invasion. At the same time, the Trump-government maintains, according to the “New York Times” since 2017 conspiratorial contacts with the Opposition in Caracas.

trump’s predecessor, had criticised the socialist leadership also sharp. You kept out from the internal political turmoil, at least on the outside.

Why do something now, of all things, the 45. President of the United States are so stressed as a fighter for democracy in Venezuela – where he has no problems with anti-democratic autocrats like Russia’s Vladimir Putin or Kim Jong-Un in North Korea? Why Venezuela, while Trump is not interested in the Plight in other Latin American countries?

1. Florida

Trump, and Rubio

“Thank you, Mr. President,” tweeted Florida Ex-Governor Jeb Bush after Trump Guaidó was recognized as interim President. Similar pleased Rick Scott and Marco Rubio, the senators from Florida were. Both had Trumps commitment with threaded, met on Tuesday with the President, his Vice Mike Pence and U.S. security adviser John Bolton in the White house. Also: two more Florida Republicans – the members Mario Diaz-Balart and Governor Ron DeSantis.

The commitment is of course not random. About 100,000 exiled Venezuelan living in Florida, more than in any other U.S. state. Most are opposed to the socialist government in Caracas. And Trump needs your votes for the presidential election, 2020: The last Time he won the important Swing-State. “Florida is 2020 the key state,” said Risa Grais-Targow, Latin America Director for the Eurasia Group, told CNN. “I’m sure that the play in Trumps Consideration.”

2. Oil

Oil production from PDVSA

Venezuela has the largest known Oil reserves in the world. The sometimes opaque business relationships to U.S. multinational Oil companies back to the fifty years. Since Chavez nationalized the industry, decreased oil Exports to the USA almost on a third. Nevertheless, Venezuela remains the fourth-largest Ölzulieferer for the United States.

And the Links are also on other levels. So victory went to the Trumps of the planning Committee for his swearing-in 2017, a donation of half a Million dollars. Sender: the Texas group Citgo – a subsidiary of the Venezuelan State enterprise PDVSA, the largest oil Exporter in the country. Still, PDVSA was behind Maduro: “We have no other President,” explained this week, PDVSA President Manuel Quevedo, who is also oil Minister.

3. Distraction


The Venezuela crisis comes up Trump: inside politically he is currently under huge pressure. The Shutdown crisis is dragging on, trump’s poll numbers collapse, and the Democrats under Nancy Pelosi seem to have it in the first place outmaneuvered. Add to that the soon-expected report from Russia-special investigator Robert Mueller.

trump is the unexpected Venezuela-Statement burst in the midst of the Shutdown fight. In the US media, at least temporarily, for a welcome headline changes made. Many commentators Trump praise well to do, politically and morally the Right thing to do. Others but skeptical to transparent his motives are.

In conversations with journalists has asked the security consultant to Bolton several times, why Trump ride once so against Maduro screw, but not against other autocrats, dictators and violators of human rights. An answer he had not.

Other complain – as so often the case with Trump – the lack of organization. Since 2010, the United States will have no Ambassador in Caracas, the rest of the American diplomats there are now pretty much on its own. Also from the Latin America Department of the foreign Ministry, you can expect little support. Several Top employees were terminated, according to trump’s office, their jobs remain unfilled. Also because of this significant shortage of skilled workers in the Venezuela is said to have been threaded in Declaration of Pence, Bolton, and foreign Minister Mike Pompeo alone.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.