MIRROR ONLINE: Mrs Adler, in her new book, “About you” speaks to explain to you that a healthy man he farts up to 20 Times a day, and a good 1.5 liters of intestinal winch launches. Why everyone should know something like that?

Yael Adler: There are interesting facts to our body, many of us know too little. The Fart exceeds this amount and abdominal pain, diarrhoea or constipation, it can have different causes. Which should be investigated. A irritable bowel, for example, people can alleviate well rather than forever in front of itself suffering. It is so important to talk with the doctor about his bowel problems. Also, it is good to know: You are not alone.

TO the PERSON Thomas these migrants established several cultural Yael Adler , born. In 1973, working as a Doctor for skin and venereal diseases. In her new book, “About you” speaks to inform you about diseases that would conceal most of the loved one.

MIRROR ONLINE: At what symptoms patients sneak around the most?

eagles: Anything that has to do with the Po, is often taboo. Diseases in the area of the Anus very often. About five percent of the population suffering from an itchy butt. Far also problems with the hemorrhoids are common. Much of it is harmless and easy to treat. In addition, people discomfort in intimate areas are embarrassing, since this is associated with sexuality, morals, or a lack of cleanliness.

MIRROR ONLINE: What do you advise people who do not go out of embarrassment to the doctor?

eagles: you should make it clear: The doctor has probably already seen everything. You can trust him or her absolutely. In addition, patients should weigh what is worse: to overcome a short Moment of discomfort or suffering for a long time. Many hope that the symptoms go away, you are made of. This hope is rarely fulfilled – on the contrary, often complaints with time, not worse, and perhaps they are completely curable.

MIRROR ONLINE: Why is it so important for patients to overcome their shame?

eagles: shame robs quality of life. I treat regularly women suffering from the vagina after the Menopause in a dry. The vagina feels like sand paper, to have sexual intercourse, if at all, only under the pain. The women suffer in silence, the marriage is strained, however, Affected often shun the way to the doctor. This is a shame, because a dry vagina is easy to handle, for example, by using special creams or a laser treatment. After the therapy, many women are in bloom again – and wondering why you have not done already something.

MIRROR ONLINE: Shy away from men the way to the doctor?

eagles: men are ashamed, often for erectile dysfunction. It is also treatable. In many cases, Stress is behind it. Only when the relaxation nerve of parasympathetic nervous system is active, run the corpora cavernosa to full of blood. Sometimes erectile dysfunction is also a note for an inner disease of the blood vessels or nerves. The erection is the divining of the heart. They often, is not only going to the urologist, but also for cardiologists.

DISPLAY Yael Adler:
In spoken

Dr. med. Yael Adler explains almost everything that is to us embarrassing

Droemer HC; 368 pages; 16,99 Euro.

MIRROR ONLINE: excessive shame Can also be dangerous?

eagles: Certainly! An example: A man in a purple swelling on the Po, but didn’t want to go to the doctor. Eventually, he couldn’t stand the pain. It turned out The man was suffering from an anal fistula. A purulent response from the inside of the anal canal by the tissue up to the skin ate. The pain was enormous. Finally, the man had to be emergency surgery. He would have waited just a little longer, we could have the sphincter no longer save, and the Patient would become for always a chair incontinent.

MIRROR ONLINE: What could make for more openness?

eagles: We need to talk about embarrassing illnesses and our body better. I can only encourage: to take a Look everywhere with the mirror more closely, smell, feel and taste. Also embarrassing symptoms not we must simply accept – and I want to clear that up in my book.

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