Of 500 tested mothers were 105 with B-streptococci non-infected pregnant women notice the infection, but for babies it can be life-threatening.

infectious diseases such as toxoplasmosis and strep B during pregnancy are dangerous for babies. However, a majority of mothers-to-be dispensed according to a study at the University hospital of Greifswald on the checkups.

risk of Meningitis and mental retardation

"We demand that these studies be converted in the rule, supply of health insurance and not more of the Pregnant women have to be paid", said the head of neonatology (Newborn medicine) and Pediatric critical care medicine at the University clinic of Greifswald, Matthias Heckmann.

A B-Streptococcus-infection reported in Pregnant women often goes unnoticed and can cause in newborns, for example, severe meningeal inflammation.

risk of toxoplasmosis

The cats-transmitted toxoplasmosis can cause babies to an intellectual disability or visual impairment – and thus to the enormous follow-up costs. So-called hedgehog-studies (Individual health services) are financed by the health insurance companies.

risk of infection is reduced by 80 percent

According to the results of the SNiP-study (Survey of Neonates in Pomerania), which was discussed on Friday at an international conference in Greifswald, streptococci, only ten percent of 5000 Pregnant women in the study to B -, according to Heckmann, the most dangerous bacterial infection for babies – test. "Of the 500 women tested 105 were positive", said the project Manager. The risk of infection of the child by the mother could be reduced by 80 percent if the infection will be detected in advance and the mother during the birth to get an antibiotic.

danger to life in the womb

"We are dealing with a child, the streptococci because of the B-with a brain skin inflammation has on the world came, and in the first four months of life-five neurosurgical interventions", said Heckmann. A nationwide Screening similar to that in the state of Hesse – was useful.

mothers forego checkups

Similarly, the result of the study in toxoplasmosis: 57 percent of women who had no immunity had not participated, according to Heckmann, in the second investigation, because they had to pay. In the study, 17 infections at birth were found.

The newborn study SNiP was launched in 2002 as a population-based survey. By the end of 2008, more than 6800 newborns from Western Pomerania have been included with your health information in the study. In a second study, from 2013, so far, 1500 children were examined.

women with Abitur drink more alcohol

in Addition, the expectant were maternal risk factors, family environment, and the influences of the environment were interviewed. The researchers were able to with your results of other studies confirm that Pregnant women with high school degree more likely to drink alcohol than women with lower education qualifications. From the data you want to derive prevention programs.

The Greifswald researchers want to expand the meeting also discussed the cooperation with colleagues from the Netherlands, the study in the study, "Generation R" thousands of children – among other things, on epigenetic factors. It is looked, as by trauma, or other serious experiences of the genome of the children is changed.

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