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Electronics giant claims credit for 5G services

Which company is entitled to take credit for the world’s first fifth-generation (5G) mobile services that started here last week? Samsung Electronics claims that it is.

The Seoul-based outfit said on April 9 that it deserves the praise for the 5G debut. Does Samsung sing its own praises? Maybe not, as observers point out that it delivered the largest share of 5G network solutions.

Asia’s fourth-largest economy embarked on the 5G services on April 3, which enable users to download an entire high-definition film in a fraction of a minute. Of note is that the United States contends that the country was ahead of Korea in starting the 5G services, though.

Korea’s three wireless carriers offer 5G services in 85 cities across the country based on 5G dedication radios and 5G core solutions of Samsung, In addition, Samsung offers 5G smartphones for end users.

Korea is one of the first markets in the world in which the 5G experience is opening up for consumers, and we’re thrilled to play a key role in the nationwide rollout of 5G with our unparalleled 5G network solutions, Samsung Executive Vice President Cheun Kyung-whoon said.

As a longstanding innovator in the 5G space and one of the few vendors offering a full end-to-end 5G solution, Samsung is at the forefront of pushing the limits of 5G and beyond.”

Daryl Schoolar, Practice Leader for Service Provider Technologies at Ovum, notes that Samsung played a big role in the 5G services.

Korea has long been regarded a leader when it comes to mobile technology and service adoption, and it is a market that other operators and vendors follow closely,” Schoolar said.

Samsung’s significant role in helping all three Korean mobile operators roll out their commercial 5G networks gives the vendor significant credibility as it looks to expand its 5G network solutions into other markets around the globe.”


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