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Donald Trump and Robert Mueller differs infinitely more crucial above all is these days: While the US President all Possible claims, and to the head and the collar chatters, the special investigator be disciplined Silence, only to let the facts speak. At the Moment, all waiting for the big Bang, because there is growing evidence that Mueller’s work is as good as done. The situation is indeed explosive, but instead of a large explosive device there may be many small, the effect of which is not predictable.

Mueller and his Team investigate whether Trump and his people have made with Russia in common cause, to manipulate the election in 2016, and if the President, with the dismissal of then-FBI chief James Comey and other interventions of the judiciary has hindered the De-facto dismissal of the Minister of justice, Jeff Sessions, also with some Comments on current methods. About the progress of the investigation, which strands are traced, or who is under any suspicion, the Public never directly: no press conferences, no substantial Leaks from Mueller’s staff – only through court documents individual allegations are concrete. Or parallel searches of journalists of the correlations.

The big Bang at the end, when Mueller wrote his final report, may never come. At least if you mean: Trump crashes. The explosive force of what can be charged to the President directly, is not to assess in the absence of insight into the investigation – even if a lot of clues him back to the center of a conspiracy against American democracy, the courage to speculation assumed. As far as the findings go, it’s uncertain who will get to face, what are the consequences legally or politically: all the more, since in the Ministry of justice, with Matthew Whitaker, a man of the things in the Hand, of the Trumps represents the extended Arm.

explains the Short and the threat of the Russia-investigations for Donald Trump? Russian Electoral manipulation, secret Deals, obstruction of Justice: Robert Mueller’s investigation will approach the White house. The progress of the investigation, briefly explained in the Video Meeting with Julian Assange?

But the little POPs are definitely more than entertaining fireworks. Mueller’s investigation have already led to dozens of charges: including many of the Russian state are involved citizens, and secret service employees, who wanted to manipulate with your Internet activities, the mood of the voters or to the hacker combat attacks in the election – after which via WikiLeaks E-Mails were published, which were liable to damage Trumps opponent, Hillary Clinton.

This also includes charges against several men, the part of trump’s campaign team, were part of later members of the government, or to be part of his personal environment. The allegations against you are sometimes in addition to the actual focus of the investigation, such as in the case of the former election campaign Manager, and Paul Manafort, the must answer in the first line for previous financial crimes. It is important, however: you can transfer all of Mueller, when it comes to a direct involvement of Trumps.

Some have entered into Deals to swap their cooperation to legal Mild. Therefore, all observers are so keen on the little firecracker in the court documents and the Details of the individual cases. They lie in wait for any hint: How much Mueller knows what he can be accused of Trump? At the Moment, the attention is focused especially on possible agreements in connection with the WikiLeaks publication, and business Trumps in Russia. Campaign Manager Manafort is supposed to have according to research by the Guardians several times with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange made; also more Familiar to Trumps are suspected, as he himself, before the publication of the Material is known.

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