US President Donald Trump has accused the EU of hostile behavior in trade matters. “The European Union was formed to keep us in the trade to take advantage of,” said Trump in a Sunday evening televised Interview with U.S. broadcaster CBS. “And this is what you have done.” He added: “no one treated us much worse than the European Union.”

Trump and President of the EU Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, had agreed in July to the trade conflict resolved. A concrete agreement, there is not yet. CBS reporter Lesley Stahl said in the Interview: “The enemy sounds blessed.” Trump disagreed and stressed, with a view to the EU: “you Know what the enemy is saved? How you treat us.“

The President also said that he may Nato. “But you know what? We should not have to pay for almost the entire cost of the Nato, to protect Europe. And in addition they take advantage of us in trade. The more you can do. You can understand that.“

“Probably, Putin is involved in attacks”

Trump said on the question of whether he agreed that the Russian President Vladimir Putin was involved in the attacks such as by poisoning: “he Probably is, Yes. Probably.“ He added: “of Course you should not do that.” The US President said in a Sunday evening televised Interview, in personal contacts with Putin he will perform “very hard”.

Trump was in July for an appearance with Putin after a summit of the two presidents in Helsinki in the criticism. For indignation in the United States did not at that time that Trump was at the press conference with Putin behind the safety authorities, which Russia accused of meddling in the U.S. presidential election in 2016.

Trump said in the CBS Interview, the Russians would have intervened. “But I think that China has been mixed, too.” He does not think that China for the “bigger Problem”. The President added: “I say to Russia, but I would also say China.”

climate change is now not a “joke” more

Trump climate change now a reality, but doubts a responsibility of mankind. “I do not deny climate change,” said Trump. “But he could well go back again.” He did not know whether the analysis of science, applied learning, according to which the mankind is the global warming. “Scientists have a political Agenda,” said Trump.

In the time before his presidency, Trump had scoffed repeatedly, on warnings about climate change. So he had written, for example, at the end of 2013 on Twitter: “global warming is a total and very expensive joke!” Last year, he was announced as the President for the withdrawal of the USA from that of his predecessor, Barack Obama mitverhandelten Paris climate protection agreement. In the past few days, the unusually fierce hurricane “Michael” severe devastation in several US-States.

Trump told CBS: “It is said that we have had hurricanes that were much worse than what we just had with Michael.” On the question of, whom does he mean by “you,” replied Trump to say: “people.” On his previous stance on global warming addressed, not replied the President: “I think it’s a joke.” Trump stressed, however, that he didn’t want to lose due to climate protection measures millions of Jobs and billions of dollars.

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