US President Donald Trump has asserted as a reaction to the recent statements of his former attorney, Michael Cohen, once again, that a years ago by the Trump group in its flagship real estate project in Russia is legitimate. For the project “somewhere in Russia”, he had obtained neither money nor “guarantees,” wrote Trump, who is at the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, on Twitter. It was a “witch-hunt”.

The former Trump-Familiar Cohen had announced on Thursday before the court guilty of the Congress in the past year on the discussions within the Trump group about the Moscow real estate project and the contacts with the Russian government in this matter lied to. Therefore, the Trump group dealt until at least June 2016, with the plans. At this stage it was Trump as the winner of the primaries of the Republicans as a presidential candidate. Previously, Cohen had said that the project had already been in January finished, so before the start of the primaries.

Already on Thursday, Trump had commented on the new statements of his long-time lawyer with the words, Cohen was a “weak Person” and seeks to obtain leave with a trumped up confession of a criminal. The President said, to the Moscow project, nothing was “wrong”. It was allowed, during the election campaign his business to continue.

Cohen’s admission of guilt came about because of a deal with the special investigator Robert Mueller. Mueller examines the Russian influence attempts on the election in 2016, and possible illegal collusion between the Trump Team and the Kremlin. In this context, Mueller also business activities Trumps, such as a court document to Cohen’s admission of guilt.

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