William Pauley is no fun. “A courtroom is a place of Dignity,” grumbled he. “Serious things happen here.” The U.S. district judge had already a lot of sense, especially the accused – whether corrupt senators, or fraudulent bankers.

The delinquents, who had to compete on Wednesday in Pauleys court room in Manhattan, was Laughing already for a long time. Michael Cohen, the former lawyer and sweeper of the US President, Donald Trump, had donations of several crimes, including illegal Election, fraud, and multiple perjury. Now, Pauley announced the sentence: three years in prison.

“I take full responsibility,” Cohen said in tears.

But this is much more than the overthrow of the former Trump Trusted. It is Trump himself, the future of his presidency – and the political mess that America now faces.

For Cohen’s confession has revealed you fully, the legal half-world, the Trump promotion. The lawyer admitted, 2016, two alleged Trump-mistress – porn actress Stormy Daniels and Ex-playboy Playmate Karen McDougal – hush money paid, a violation of fundraising laws. In addition, he had contacts to Moscow, in order to make a victory for all Involved as profitable as possible.

The real scandal is because between the lines of the indictment: According to the Prosecutor pursued Cohen, 52, his Plan “to influence elections from the shadows”, not on their own – but “in consultation with and on the instructions of the individual-1”.

This “individual-1” is none other than Trump. “I have covered up his dirty deeds,” Cohen before the court. to call

Michael Cohen (left) and Trump

Without him, in particular, accuses the judiciary of the U.S. President, as the instigator, confidant, and accomplice in the Manipulation of that choice have been involved in, which promoted him to the White house. This raises unprecedented questions: Is the President legally liable, as long as he is in office or after? The election campaign 2020 is, therefore, to the fight Trumps against an accusation and a threat of imprisonment?

Such questions make America’s democracy to the test. “We are entering a dangerous Phase,” warned 44 Ex-senators from both US parties are now in an open letter. And the “Washington Post”columnist Max Boot expressed the fear: “Our long national nightmare has just begun.”

Finally, this is not all: During the case, Cohen turns the paper around the cover-up of alleged Sex scandals, controls Russia-special investigator Robert Mueller on much more dramatic revelations.

Russia-special investigator Robert Mueller

Mueller, who works in parallel to justice in the Silent, is investigating possible collusion of the Trump Teams with Moscow and the suspicion of obstruction of Justice by Trump himself. How much he has against the President is really in the Hand, is still uncertain. But even many Republicans have hardly a doubt that Mueller’s report is expected soon, is devastating to fail.

more and more Ex-Familiar Trumps pack. Michael Cohen, the white, where the corpses are in the basement, has delivered to Mueller “valuable information” about Trumps Russia-Connections. Trump’s former election campaign chief, Paul Manafort and his first security consultant Michael Flynn, well-known also has already pleaded guilty and are currently negotiating Leniency in return for their cooperation.

Threatens to Trump a charge?

“It is highly likely that the President will be indicted,” wrote Ex-Prosecutor Andrew McCarthy has been a loyal supporter of Trumps, on the Website of the conservative channel “Fox News”. The democratic Deputy Eric Swalwell put it in the “New York Times” even more drastic: “This President going to jail.”

is it really so far? The White house insists that Trump enjoys immunity. But even then, he could be accused, if he loses the next election. Already Mueller has ceded parts of its investigations to other authorities, so that they can do without him.

trump’s Ex-campaign Manager Paul Manafort

The acute risk to Trump a political nature, but From January to the Democrats in the house of representatives in the majority. There, it could, if the evidence is corroborated, for Impeachment, impeachment. Even Trump himself, reported CNN, think this is now a “real possibility”. In a Reuters Interview he gave, however, was defiant: “It is difficult for someone because of misconduct to indict, who has done nothing wrong,” said Trump. He was not worried.

However, it is to be noted in him the growing pressure. A Trump looks more uncontrolled than usual, in his Tweets and in his performances, most recently on Tuesday, when he exploded in the Oval Office in front of the cameras.

The President put the wagons close. Without a successor, fired Trump his chief of staff John Kelly. Except for loyalists and Jasagern nobody wants to risk his Reputation. The legal Department of the White house, Trump needs now, is also bleeding out.

What remains of Trump, the power lever of his office. Already some fear that he might, with his back to the wall, a national emergency to declare, or the military to enable to his problems, distract.

by 2020 at the Latest then need to decide the voters, whether Trump deserves a second term – or, if the justice system is the prison.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.