Alice rye – “makes mistakes after all, everyone” AfD group Chairman Alice ryegrass has defended the handling of your party with illegal donations from abroad. The AfD’s behaviour was transparent, she said. © Photo: Fabrizio Bensch/Reuters

Only short Alice ryegrass strips during the budget debate in the Bundestag topics such as economic growth, electric mobility and Migration. The largest part of your speech, the AfD group Chairman uses to talk about the dubious foreign donations received by your party. “Yes, there were errors in the handling of party donations. But it is also true that no one has personally enriched, it was not trying to conceal anything,” said Weidel. The money had been accounted for through normal party accounts, on the accountability had to be. And the sum had been repaid.

The AfD had confirmed that in the past year, around 130,000 euros from a Swiss pharmaceutical company to Weidels AfD-kreisverband Constance transferred. In addition, there was another high donation from the Netherlands. The Prosecutor’s office of Konstanz determined now against ryegrass, due to the initial suspicion of a violation of the party law. The investigation is directed against a total of four people – against ryegrass and already since last week against three members of your AfD-kreisverband Bodenseekreis.

In the Bundestag ryegrass the CDU and the SPD to handle directly. The social Democrats alleged dubious donations of the armament industry to the Hamburg land Association and a “confusing mesh” on media investments. “Moral reproach, we must don’t allow them to make,” she said. And with a view on the CDU donations affair: It had been at your party, no cash suitcase, and herget protrude and their contents had disappeared in drawers, their whereabouts could remember no more, or wool. “We are talking about a black cash and’ not enlightened palm greasing-System, by Helmut Kohl,” said Weidel. You could also talk about the illegal donations of the Hessian CDU and their “alleged Jewish legacies”.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), came to rye to the podium, commented on the speech with the sentence: “The beauty of freedom debates is that everyone is talking about what he thinks the country is important.”

Merkel calls for cooperation

Angela Merkel focused mainly on two topics: digitization and the controversial UN-migration Pact. “The Pact for Migration, as well as the Pact for refugees, is the correct answer attempt to solve global problems, international and to each other,” said the outgoing CDU-Chairman. The refugee crisis showed “how important it is to solve escape, but also Migration in the context of the international context and to not believe any country could go it alone.”

The migration Pact of the United Nations is to meet at a summit on 10. and 11. December will be sealed in Morocco. The UN want to set for the first time principles for dealing with migrants.

UN-migration Pact the UN-migration Pact

2016 adopted by the 193 member States of the United Nations to improve the New York Declaration on refugees and migrants, in order to cope with the world of refugees and migration movements.

The global Pact for safe, orderly and controlled migration of the UN is to build on that. The impetus of the International organization for Migration (IOM), which is associated with the UN.

In July 2018, all UN member States agreed to except the United States, the Text as a draft. Later on, other States announced resistance.

In December 2018, the migration Pact should be adopted at a summit in the Moroccan city of Marrakech final.

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